Soul Sacrifice Companions Unlock Guide – How To

Soul Sacrifice brings party based combat to the dangerous dungeons of the abyss. Before you fight out most heinous of monsters, you will need to unlock different companions, each having unique spells and arm seals.

You can take these mages with you on your Avalon missions. These companions have different trust levels, and more trust leads to more useful spells in battle. If you bring a companion to a boss fight, boss health will be more than usual. Difficulty adjusts depending on your choice of companion.

If you are looking for a companion with a certain build, this guide will help you find the match!

Soul Sacrifice Companions

Alceena’s arm is balanced. Alceena’s spells include: Icewolf Fang (Small), Snow Tree’s Root, Healing Seed (Small) and Icewolf Fang (Medium). You can acquire Alceena when you open the Avalon missions.

Ender’s arm is balanced. Ender’s spells include: Fire Giant Arm, Fire Dragon’s Egg (Small), Recovery Seed (Small). You can acquire Ender by rescuing Jack O’ Lantern during Nimyue Mission 3.

Blen’s arm is balanced. Blen’s spells include: Iron Pinwheel (Small), Iron Dragon’s Egg (Small), Healing Seed (Small). You can acquire Blen by rescuing Harpy during mission 5.

Markus’s arm is balanced. Markus’ spells include: Devil’s Fork, Flame Dragon’s Fang (Small), Recovery Seed (Small). You can acquire Markus by rescuing Jack O’ Lantern Doppelganger during Avalon Mission 2.

Nammy’s arm is Devil 2. Nammy’s spells include: Thunderbird’s Beak (Small), Lighting Axe Fragment, Healing Seed (Small). You can acquire Nammy by rescuing Cerberus during Avalon Mission 4.

Merrith’s arm is balanced. Merrith’s spells include: Stone Sheld Fragment, Giant’s Arm, Recovering Flower (Small). You can acquire Merrith by rescuing Harpy Doppelganger during Avalon Mission 3.

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