Soul Sacrifice Black Rites Guide – How To Unlock

Black Rites are some of the most powerful moves in Soul Sacrifice. However, great power comes at a steep cost, and the rites are no exception. Their devastating effects are usually accompanied with personal sacrifices, such as the surrendering of one’s arm or heart.

In addition, the Black Rites are only available for use under very special circumstances. Firstly, the players must have taken a large amount of damage and must be at low health. Secondly, they must give up a portion of their bodies as tribute and suffer a negative status effect for a period of time afterwards.

A Rite can only be used once in a quest, and after use, must be recharged using a Lacrima. The four kinds of Black Rites are as follows:

This Rite sacrifices the player’s skin in order to release a blast of fire that damages all enemies on the map. There is a short cast time for the rite so make sure you don’t get instagibbed during the process. You suffer the aftereffects by having your defense halved.

This Rite sacrifices one of the player’s eyes in order to give them the power to fire bolts of magical energy at their foes. Also able to petrify enemies. The aftereffect is that you have impaired vision.

This Rite sacrifices one of the player’s arms in order to give them a magical chain that can bind enemies. Press buttons during the animation to bind archfiends. The aftereffect of this rite is the loss of the ability to use sigils.

This Rite sacrifices part of a players heart in order to deal high damage to one opponent. There is a slight cast duration for the animation in which you can be attacked so make sure you’re not in danger of getting instagibbed. You will get periodically damaged for a while after the cast as an aftereffect.

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