How To Upgrade Weapons In Soul Hackers 2

When it comes to developing your party members in Soul Hackers 2, there is a plethora of different options and combinations to mess around with. That alongside a complicated menu system may seem quite confusing at times.

Although you cannot customize your party members’ base stats even by leveling up, there are still dozens of different ways you can improve them. One of which is by upgrading their weapons (COMPS), which not only allows them to increase their power but also unlocks Special Effects and other different skills.

Each one of your four party members, including Ringo, will have a base weapon/COMP that they’ll stick to for the entire game. Though you can’t change their preference of weapons, you can make them more powerful by upgrading them, which can be done through the COMP Smith.

You’ll first be introduced to the COMP Smith by Tataru, an NPC after reaching the Mansei Realm arena. In this guide, we’ll take a look at precisely how you can upgrade weapons in Soul Hackers 2.

Soul Hackers 2 Weapon Upgrades

Weapons, or, COMPS, can be upgraded or enhanced in Soul Hackers 2 after reaching the COMP Smith. Here, you will unlock the ability to purchase upgrades for your characters’ weapons with a few Yen and Demon materials.

Yen is the base currency of the game, and Demon materials are different types of items that are dropped by Demons upon being defeated. Both of these, in varying amounts and types, will play a role in the type of upgrade that you can purchase.

If you take the ATK+4 upgrade for Arrow’s Mk90 Summoning Gun, for example, you should see that it requires varying amounts of Yen, Nitrium, Drake’s Claws, Yoma Sandals, etc. to purchase. The requirements for a particular upgrade are stated right next to them in a separate mini-menu to the right.

Similarly, with all other upgrades, you need to trade in the respective amounts of materials and cash required to upgrade a particular stat of a weapon, of which ATK+ increases the base Physical Damage of the weapon.

The COMP Smith is not just restricted to increasing attack power though. You have a whole lot of options here, like learning new skills, enhancing elemental ranks, and unlocking more mystique slots.

Along with increasing Attack Power, you should also see different sorts of Special Effects you can unlock for your weapon, which work in the same way in terms of cost, but also allow your characters to unlock different abilities as well.

Additionally, if you don’t know what a particular upgrade does, select it and you should find its description at the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, if you want to know where to find the materials required for the upgrade, you can do so in the same way.