Soul Hackers 2 Totem Memory locations guide

In Soul Hackers 2 there are plenty of different items that can help you advance in the game. One such item is the Totem Memory which helps you in upgrading your skills. You also need Totem Memories for crafting recipes with the blacksmith, so you need to get as much Totem Memory as you can.

In this guide, we will discuss how to get Totem Memory in Soul Hackers 2 and the locations where these Totem Memory can be found.

How to farm Totem Memories

The different places where you can find Totem Memory in Soul Hackers 2 are listed below.

Defeating the bosses

You can get Totem Memory after defeating the bosses in the game. This refers to both the main bosses and the mini-bosses.

As you complete the main story you will eventually have to fight bosses. Once you defeat them, you will be rewarded with a Totem Memory. Defeating each main boss is confirmed to give you at least one Totem Memory.

Defeating the mini-bosses also gives Totem Memory as a reward. Soul Matrix has a lot of mini-bosses, so if you are ever in urgent need of Totem Memory, you can just head towards Soul Matrix and complete a few floors to farm Totem Memories.


Demon Recon

You can also get Totem Memory during Demon Recon. You can get Totem Memory in demon recon by either defeating random demons or searching the rooms. However, unlike the bosses that are guaranteed to drop a Totem Memory upon death, you require luck with demo recons.

It is also important to remember that a lot of Totem Memory in Demon Recon is present in the rooms that are far away from the main path. So, if you’re in demon recon for the Totem Memory, make sure you also check out the rooms far away from the main path and fully explore them.

You can also defeat the demons in order to get Totem Memory but you might end up finding other drops instead of what you are looking for however you can eat a meal that increases the chances of getting items from the demons and even consuming the meal will not confirm a Totem Memory drop, but it will greatly increase your chances of getting one.

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