Soul Hackers 2 Team Building Tips

Building a strong team in Soul Hackers 2 is crucial since it determines how well your squad performs in combat. To advance through the story in the JRPG Soul Hackers 2, players must engage in back-to-back encounters and defeat creatures. You must combat evil creatures and demons in the game using your Demon-capturing talents as a powerful-minded humanoid AI on a mission to preserve the planet.

The game lets you assemble a team to effectively combat foes. Together, your squad may strike deals with the Demons to help you with your mission and work to capture evildoers. The effectiveness of your team will be significantly increased if you have a good balance of skills that covers all the traits.

Ideal team-building tips in soul hackers 2

The finest advice for creating the ideal squad in Soul Hackers 2 is provided here:

Skill of affinities

The Affinity value governs every talent in Soul Hackers 2. Affinities are the underlying components of a certain talent. There will be stronger numbers for a skill with a strong element source. Knowing each Affinity’s benefits is essential because all the Demons in the game have them and each one is beneficial in different circumstances. The following list includes many Affinities for SH2.

  • Projectile weapons are used in gunfire.
  • Hand-to-hand fighting is physical.
  • Electricity, including electrical currents and illumination.
  • Almighty, a powerful yet unidentified light energy.
  • The heat and flames of fire. Etc.

Have a support demon on hand

Even though there are many hostile demons in the game, some of them are also quite good at providing support, healing, and restoring effects. The team must contain at least one support Demon because they will be of great assistance in challenging battles.

Healing is one skill that fairies are particularly skilled at. You may use these demons as a support position in your team to continuously heal you while battling powerful enemies.

The Support, if a party member is knocked unconscious or suffers from a status condition, the demon can use its talents to change a disposable item into a healing spell. Some demons can heal, which may alter how affinities impact the team.

Passive connections in soul hackers 2

Passive Connections are Affinity Skills that do not do direct harm but impact the Demon who uses them. These affinities give supplementary benefits to the squad, such as supplying MP or significantly improving a certain Skill Affinity.

Each Demon has a distinct set of Passive Affinities that bring unique benefits, and stronger Demons will supply superior talents for the team, which may aid you in critical times and affect the result of battles.

Exploring the dungeon together

Many various varieties of Demons may be discovered in the Dungeons, who will attack you and your team if any attempt to approach them is made, thus having a well-coordinated team will make combating these opponents much easier. It will build a Stack if you use an attack that targets the enemy monster’s weakness. A Sabbath will start after 4 Stacks have been reached. Sabbaths are strong group attacks that go after every monster on the field.

Equip Mistiques for summoning

Summoner Mistiques enhance Demon Skills. Augments, Boosts, and Arcanas are all possibilities. They are categorized by rank, and higher ranked Mistiques need COMP upgrades. Mistiques are named for the affinities they boost, for example, Ruin Augment I, I, Ruin Augment II, and Ruin Augment III.

Mistiques may be obtained by leveling up your Demons. Demons will present a Mistique to Ringo once they have learned all of the available Skills.

Players can increase their power by combining the Demons and Skills of their team members with their Mistique. Some Mistiques, however, are incompatible with specific party members, thus not every match works. Experiment with different match-ups to optimize team strategy.

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