How to Get through Subway Line 14 Barrier in Soul Hackers 2

The sheer amount of puzzle-like labyrinth areas in Soul Hackers 2 is a huge pain, and finding your way through these can eat up hours. You don’t have hours for finding your way through a stage like Subway Line 14 area in Soul Hackers 2, where there are barriers that will halt your progression.

This guide will help you make your way through Subway Line 14 in your quest to kill Mangetsu in Soul Hackers 2.

How to Get through Subway Line 14 Barrier in Soul Hackers 2

Subway Line 14 is not so convoluted, however, there are a lot of barriers on the level that will close after you pass through them. These barriers force you to take specific turns at each point so you can navigate the long hallways.

You do have a demon guiding you through the maze, but it still requires careful thinking before you pass through any of the barriers in Subway Line 14.

One thing that you need to know is that whenever you use one barrier, this will in turn close all the open barriers, and open all the closed barriers will open.

Subway Line 14 Path

After you enter the area, head on and you need to take the second right. After you pass your first barrier, loop through this section by taking all the right turns you get. Though this will bring you back to where you started, the barrier at the end of the corridor will have vanished now.


Head through the newly opened barrier and take your first left. Next, take a right and loop around this section by keeping left.

Back at the intersection, you started from, head all the way to the end of the corridor, ignoring any other path you see and cross the barrier at the end of it.

Turn right after the barrier and again, take a left at the end of the corridor. From here, take the first right and follow that path across the barrier, and then loop back to the intersection.

Head on straight and cross the now open barrier and enter the room on your right. Kill the enemy in there, talk to the demon and then take a right as soon as you leave.

Head straight from the barrier, until you cross the second barrier, then take the next left to get back to the intersection. From the intersection, take a right and then head on straight.

Lastly, you need to take the first left, and then after you cross the barrier, take a right turn and straight ahead will be the portal you are trying to get to.

Crossing the portal will bring you to the Vile Goat-Headed Demon fight.

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