How to Recruit Demons in Soul Hackers 2

We have prepared a detailed guide to give you information about how to recruit demons and fusing them in Soul Hackers 2.

Combat in Soul Hackers 2 revolves around hiring or recruiting demons to your party and using them against enemies. Play your cards right and your enemies will cower against your demon’s might. Although, you won’t get far enough if you don’t use this mechanic properly. We have prepared a detailed guide to give you information about how to recruit demons and fusing them in Soul Hackers 2.

How to Recruit a Demon in Soul Hackers 2

When you enter any one of the dungeons in the game, Ringo will send in a demon scout to locate Yen and valuable items that you can use. Apart from that, they also look for other demons in the area that may be hiding in an isolated area.

As they find the other demons, they will introduce them to you. You can make a contract with that demon that has been introduced to you. In return, the demon will ask you for a favor or perhaps even Yen to join you.

If your level is lower than that of a demon you may not be able to recruit them at all.

How to Fuse a Demon

Fusing as the name suggests, allows you to fuse two of the demons you have. When you have spent a few hours in main story of the game, you will unlock Roppo Realm. In Roppo Realm lies the Cirque Du Goumaden. It’s like a splendid circus tent. Here you will learn that the Ringmaster Victor is the one who does the fusion of demons.

So what you have to do is, enter the circus tent or Cirque Du Goumaden and from the Menu selection, select the ‘Fusion’. Then you need to select the first Demon to add.


Then you will be given a list of demons that you can choose as the second demon for fusion. The list will be from the existing demons you have.

After selecting the second demon, you will be given a list of skills that you want your new demon to inherit from both parent demons.

In this way, you have the luxury of creating your own demon having skills, strengths and lore of your own choice. While on the other hand, the negotiation with demons in dungeons gives you demons with very few skills.

You will also be getting recommendations from Victor about which demons to fuse and which pair will give you the strongest fused demon.

There are two types of fusing in Soul Hackers 2

Normal Fusion

In Normal Fusion, you can do any of the two demons you have that will give you another unit more powerful than the previous ones.

Compendium Fusion

In Compendium Fusion, you can search demons of your liking or the stats you want in specific. You can either buy the demons which would cost less than the registered demon to complete your collections.

Compendium Fusion is more of a versatile fusion that will also allow you to buy maxed stat demons just to fuse them. If you have enough money you can even buy the demon you want that would be ridiculously expensive to buy.

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