Soul Hackers 2 New Game+ Guide

It is going to take you around 55 to 60 hours to beat Soul Hackers 2 which includes its main storyline, all of the side quests and events, every Soul Matrix gate, and more.

That, however, will not be the end of it. Soul Hackers 2 features a New Game Plus mode which will partially carry forward your progression into a new but more difficult playthrough.

The following guide will explain all there is to know about the New Game+ mode of Soul Hackers 2.

What Carries Over In Soul Hackers 2 New Game+?

You naturally need to beat the game in order to unlock the New Game+ mode. As soon as you defeat the final boss, you will be shown a prompt to create a new save file. Make sure that you use a different save slot so that you can always load your original playthrough if something goes wrong.

Further prompts will guide you to customize your New Game+ playthrough. Note that some of your progression will carry over automatically while some data will require your permission to carry over.

The following data will automatically carry over:

  • Shop inventories
  • Outfits (characters start with defaults)
  • Accessories (characters start with defaults)
  • Data on defeated enemies (bestiary)
  • Data on consumed meals (food)

You can choose whether to carry over the following data or not:

  • Character levels
  • COMP upgrades
  • Automapping
  • Money and Mistiquartz
  • Items
  • Mistiques
  • Demon Compendium and unlocked fusions

Take note that all of your fast travel points will rest in New Game+. You will also begin with low-level demons but get more powerful ones after unlocking the Roppo realm. That being said, even with the Roppo realm, it will be difficult to make enough money for most of the high-level demons.

The good thing is that you will level up faster in New Game+, so gaining new skills will not be a problem. However, enemies will also continue to scale with you. Hence, be prepared to encounter powerful foes at every corner.

For players looking to achieve a 100% completion run, you will have to start a New Game Plus because unlocking all the trophies/achievements in one playthrough is not possible.

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