How To Make Money Fast In Soul Hackers 2

Just like any other RPG, Soul Hackers 2 has special upgrades, items, demons, etc. that can be bought using money. More money means better upgrades and items available for you that will make your gameplay much smoother and easier. Several methods through which you can earn money at a faster rate are described in the following article.

How To Farm Money In Soul Hackers 2

Dungeons in Soul Hackers 2 have a wide variety of enemies, demons, puzzles, and much more, providing the best experience of the gameplay. Players can easily earn cash by exploring these dungeons and fighting contracted demons or enemies.

While exploring new areas in the game, you can send out your demons for scouting purposes and there is always a chance that you find money along with other items without spending anything. Those who have a higher number of contracted demons will have a better chance of finding money and valuable items in this case.

Moreover, you might find some demons too while exploring new areas who are willing to negotiate or join your party, so make sure to interact with every single one of them as they also sometimes offer money.

You will find all sorts of enemies and demons in the dungeons and defeating them rewards you with cash – a stronger enemy means a better reward. However, the most valuable of all is the rare enemies (which have a yellowish hue). Defeating these enemies rewards you with many other valuable items along with money which can be sold to different shops for extra cash.

Moreover, once you are done with a dungeon, all your bounty and reward can be sold to different shops to earn extra money. These items include expendables, accessories, and meals, everything can be sold.


Apart from the main quests, side quests are also an efficient way of earning quick cash in Soul Hackers 2. Side quests in the game are requests from locals which include finding some lost or stolen items and other minor missions like this.

These requests can be found at the Club Cretaceous which you will eventually have access to as you progress through the game. Make sure not to miss any of these side quests which have cash as their reward.

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