How To Farm Incense In Soul Hackers 2

Incenses are rare items that you can consume in Soul Hackers 2 to permanently boost your demons’ stats.

Since you will be recruiting various demons in the game, it becomes all the more important to farm as many incenses as possible to give your demons the power-ups they need to dominate the battlefield.

The following guide will explain all the types of available incense and help you farm them in Soul Hackers 2.

Incense Types Explained

There are five types of incense, each of which improves one of the five stats available in the game. Depending on the primary stat of your demon, you will need to find the necessary incense type because you cannot waste a magic incense on a strength-based demon.

  • Power Incense: Permanent boosts Strength of demons.
  • Magic Incense: Permanent boosts Magic of demons.
  • Body incense: Permanent boosts Body (Health) of demons.
  • Speed incense: Permanent boosts Speed of demons.
  • Luck incense: Permanent boosts Luck of demons.

How To Get Incense In Soul Hackers 2

Purchase them from Yoyojo

If you do not have the patience to actually farm incense through gameplay, you can just go ahead and purchase them from Lina at Yoyojo in the Mansei Realm.

She sells all sorts of rate items, including all types of incense. You will have to spend 1,000 Yen for each incense. You will also need to give her Fragrant Wood, a rare material that serves as a type of currency in the game.


How to get Fragrant Wood?

Unlike the main currency that you can easily earn by completing quests in the game, earning Fragrant Wood can be quite difficult. You need to kill Risky Enemies that appear in the story missions and the Soul Matrix dungeons.

Risky Enemies, if the name didn’t give it away, are powerful enemy types and more challenging to deal with than most other demons. You will need a strong party of characters to kill Risky Enemies, which is why Fragrant Wood is a rare material.

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