Soul Hackers 2 is Almost Perfect According to Famitsu

Famitsu has given Soul Hackers 2 almost a perfect score. The game has got a total of 38/40 rating which is no small feat.

In the latest of issue of Famitsu, Soul Hackers 2 has been reviewed. The game has received almost a perfect score. The magazine gave Soul Hackers 2 a 9/9/10/10 rating in its review.

This rating is indeed a great feat for Soul Hackers 2. In comparison, Earth Defense Force 6 was able to get a 8/8/8/10 score by the famous Japanese Magazine. Even Xenoblade Chronicles 3 only managed to get a 36/40 rating from Famitsu.

Western reviews for Souls Hackers 2 will also go live soon as the game is expected to release on August 26. We will have to wait and see if western critics have similar views about the game as Famitsu.

Soul Hackers 2, as you might already know is an RPG from Atlus similar to Persona and Shin Megami Tensie series. It’s a sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hacker game and will be the 5th game for the Devil Summoner series overall.

If you have played any Persona, Devil Summoner or Shin Megami Tensie game before, you will be quite familiar with what to expect from Soul Hackers 2. For the newcomers however, Atlus makes sure that every new game is not that hard for the first timers. RPGs from Atlus usually get a high critical praise and we are hoping that Soul Hackers 2 will be the same.

If you want to know more about Soul Hackers 2, you should check out the official youtube channel of Atlus as the developer has been releasing video constantly about the game and it can help you decide whether the game is suited for you or not.

And if you are wondering if the game will be available on Steam, then yes, it will release on PC via Steam unlike its recent predecessors that were exclusives including Shin Megami Tensei V and Persona 5. Soul Hackers 2 is scheduled to release worldwide for PC, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. There currently no news about a Nintendo Switch version of Soul Hackers 2.

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