Soul Hackers 2 Affinities and Mystiques

Character addons are always an appreciated mechanic in any game specially the ones that add to the abilities of a character. Sometimes these mechanics are simple and sometimes they can be a bit confusing. Soul Hackers 2 has a rather confusing mechanism for character-enhancing equipable items and that is why we are here to tell you everything there is to know about Affinities and Mystiques in Soul Hackers 2.

Affinities in Soul Hackers 2

There are a total of 8 elemental affinities in Soul Hackers 2 and every character is associated with those affinities. These affinities are Fire, Ice, Electricity, Force, Physical, Ranged, Ruin, and Almighty.

Every character in the game is related to one of these affinities and some characters have higher affinities to a certain element as compared to others. To check the affinities of a character, you will have to check your stats and there will be an alphabet next to every element with A being the highest tier.

You can increase the affinity of a certain character with a certain element by going to the Comp Smith and getting upgrades by using different crafting materials.

What Are Mystiques?

Mystiques are equipable items that will give different kinds of boosts to the player depending upon the type of Mystique equipped. At the start of the game, every player has one slot to equip a Mystique and that number can increase as you progress and upgrade your character.

There are a total of 4 types of Mystiques and all of them as listed below.

  • Arcana: Will decrease the overall MP consumption for the corresponding skill-type
  • Augment: Will increase the overall power of the corresponding skill type.
  • Boost: Will increase the overall power of the skill type if the enemy is weak against that certain element.
  • Burst: Will increase the overall power of the skill type but at an increased MP cost.

How Affinities Affect Mystiques

Every Mystique corresponds to a specific elemental affinity and will enhance the elemental ability of that element. Mystiques are unlocked by upgrading your demon to the highest level where they will reward you with a Mystique.

There is also a chance that you will get a Mystique for completing side missions or you can also buy and sell Mystiques at the shop. The Mystique you get rewarded from the demon will be for the element that the monster is associated with.

There is not just one type of Mystique but there are some weak ones and some very powerful ones. The powerful ones or even sometimes the weak ones will require you to have a certain affinity with an element.

For example, you cannot equip Fire Augment VI unless you have a B-tier affinity with the fire element. The higher the roman numeral next to the Mystique is, the more powerful the Mystique will be.

Mystiques are a must-have for every player as they will greatly enhance the winning capabilities of a party and once you get a hang of the mechanic, things will be much easier to understand.

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