Soul Calibur 6 Zasalamel Strategy Guide – Soul Charge, Critical Edge, Reversal Edge, Tips

Zasalamel might be a returning character to Soul Calibur VI but there is enough new sprinkled in there to make learning him all over again totally worthwhile. Our Soul Calibur 6 Zasalamel Strategy Guide will ensure that you are totally aware of how to use his Death Scythe along with all of the other weapons that he has in his arsenal in an effective manner.

Soul Calibur 6 Zasalamel Strategy

The main way that you are going to be dealing damage through Zasalamel is still the same as it was in the previous iterations of the game. You are going to be using his scythe to deal damage in large numbers and in quick succession.

The fact that you have quite a decent range means that it is possible to finish off enemies without letting them get close to you.

One of the biggest advantages when you are playing as Zasalamel is the fact that you can use your Scythe to pull enemies closer to you.

Despite the fact that you are able to deal damage to enemies from range, pulling enemies closer has its own unique advantages, as we will discuss later on.

That is not all that you have since you can also use the power of ancient magic and curses to disorient enemies and leave them flabbergasted.

One of the main attacks that you have is to rip them from the fabric of time and leave them defenseless to your attacks. When this happens, you can charge in and unleash hell on your opponent.

Your speed will be one of your most advantageous traits. You can move your Scythe around without any difficulty and it is quite hard for short-range characters to combat your weapon’s range.

If you do come up against a character that is good at mid-ranged skirmishes but not so good at close quarter combat, then you can simply pull them in and fight with a handicap.

Critical Edges

The Critical Edge that you have when you are playing as Zasalamel is known as ‘The Voice from the Abyss’. It has many advantages and many disadvantages when compared to the Critical Edges of some of the other characters in the game.

The main problem with this attack is the fact that it is quite slow. What that means is that the enemy can easily predict it and they can then look to find a workaround.

The best way to use this Critical Edge is to drag your opponent close and then strike. Your Critical Edge will deflect their attack if they do end up performing one.

The trait that sets Voice from the Abyss apart from everything else is that it has Guard Impact properties and it can hit the opponent even when deflecting their attack.

Even if it turns out that your opponent has gone to the guard stance, you still have enough time to react to it and curse them.

What that means is that no matter what your opponent does, they are going to be worse off one way or the other when you use this attack.

Soul Charge

The main thing that your Soul Charge moves do is take your opponent’s mind off from your character and onto its magical powers.

It is very easy to confuse your opponent with the variety of attacks that you have available and then finish them off using your Critical Edge.

Void Nova allows you to drag your opponent towards you. That is not all, as you will also be able to move before your opponent once you are finished dragging them.

This gives you the upper hand as the opponent has less time to react to whatever it is that you are doing.

Once the opponent is close to you, you can deal tons of damage through Fatal Gravity along with Ode to Humbaba. Ceremonial Sacrifice may also work well for this situation.

Reversal Edges

If you follow up with A, you can simply continue attacking the enemy by using Adad’s Great Shears.

The main thing that is great for this move is that even if it does end up being blocked, you can still begin your next move before the enemy is able to mean that you can close down some difference between the 2 of you and attack again.

You can follow up with B if your opponent has been cursed. Magic will be released which will make this move a very good combo starter. Just make sure that the opponent is cursed, or it will not work.

Lastly, you also have the option of following up with K. This attack can be used in order to curse an opponent. This means that you can use it as a great set up for finishing the game.

The main disadvantage that you have when using this Reversal Edge is that it does not deal that much damage, so you need to make sure that the trade-off of low damage is worth it for you.

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