Soul Calibur 6 Yoshimitsu Strategy Guide

Yoshimitsu is a very versatile character whether you are playing him in Tekken or in Soul Calibur. This returning character has a lot of changes that have made the way you play him totally different. Our Soul Calibur 6 Yoshimitsu Strategy Guide will ensure that you are completely up to date with how Yoshimitsu works and how to best use him when you are playing the game.

Soul Calibur 6 Yoshimitsu Strategy

There are a total of 3 different weapons that you have at your disposal when playing as Yoshimitsu.

The first one is his Katana, which is a very famous Samurai weapon that needs no introduction. The second weapon that you have is a short sword known as a wakizashi. Apart from this, you can also use various different mysterious powers.

Yoshimitsu is a character that does not have a very long range. However, you have a lot of speed and a lot of different avenues from which you can attack the enemy.

The best example of this can be seen by the fact that you can fly past your enemy and attack his or her backside.

One of the best abilities that you have is that you can absorb the opponent’s strength with your strike and then deal the damage back to them.

If you are playing against an opponent that is a very hard hitter and does a lot of damage with its attacks, then this move can be the main weapon that you have at your disposal.

When playing as Yoshimitsu, what you want to be doing is to utilize your movement as well as possible.

You are given a lot of opportunities to surprise the enemies as you have a lot of weird animations that make sure that the enemy is unable to predict exactly what it is that you are doing.

Critical Edge

The Critical Edge that Yoshimitsu uses is known as the Ghost Thief Funeral. This attack is very powerful and can be used to not only deal damage but also drain the Soul Gauge of the enemy when it hits.

Whenever you use your Critical Edge, you slash down on the enemy and move closer to it. The attack is a little slow which means that it is possible for the enemy to not only stop you but also counter.

For that reason, you need to ensure that your timing is on-point and that you are performing this when an enemy is perhaps recovering from a previous attack, as that will allow you to almost guarantee a hit.

Performing this will then drain the Soul Gauge. One of the best ways to use this attack is to perform it when you are planning to perform some moves using your Soul Gauge but are not able to get close to the enemy.

You can use the Critical Edge to immediately shorten the distance between one another and then wreak havoc on the enemy.

One last thing you can do is to reserve this move for when the enemy has a very powerful Critical Edge or Soul Charge and you want to ensure that you are less vulnerable than you are now.

Soul Charge

When you are in Soul Charge, you can use the moves that usually consume the charge without having to spend anything. However, they do reduce the time that you can stay in Soul Charge.

During this, you have access to 3 new moves known as the Oni Killer, Manji Dragonfly, and Nimbus.

You can also switch into a new special stance that was not available in the games prior to this one. This stance is known as the Super Dragonfly that allows you to perform extremely fast and unblockable attack known as the Transcendent Dragonfly.

Dual Button Attacks

As the name goes, the Dual Button Attacks usually use two-button combinations to be employed during combat.

The attacks feature a series of combinations, a lot of which are used to stun or knock your opponent on the ground. Some of these are Deathcopter Slice, Moonsault Slayer, and Flea.

8-Way Run Moves

Since these moves are initiated with the moving buttons before you’re supposed to use any attack keys, they feature a charge-like movement of Yoshimitsu before he engages into the attack. Some of the combos featured here are Solar Kick Shark Attack, Reverse Solar Kick Shark Attack and Ninja Sun Flare.


The throws are used to grab the opponent and knock them towards the ground. Yoshimitsu employs his sword in a couple of these moves, while he uses his arms to grab the opponent and throw them towards the ground in the rest of the moves.

Reversal Edges

Here are all of the Reversal Edges that are available to you when you are playing as Yoshimitsu.

The first one that you can do is follow up with the A button and chain moves from the Manji Dragonfly. Even if your moves are blocked, you can still easily follow up with another attack that means that technically, this Reversal Edge cannot be blocked.

Another attack that you have at your disposal is when you follow up with the B button. What this does is perform a vertical scissor attack that will send the opponent flying up into the air. This gives you 2 options to follow on with.

One is that you can perform a wall combo for massive damage and the enemy cannot do anything, while the other one is that you can easily ring out the enemy if you know how to accurately position yourself for such a move.

The last attack that you can do is following up with a K. This has 2 advantages for you. One is that you deliver a palms trike to the opponent and the other one is that you automatically dodge any ‘B’ attacks from the opponents.

This attack also turns into a throw and then steals some of the Soul Gauge form the opponent, meaning that it is perfect for when the enemy is nearing the point where they use one of their main moves.

Lethal Hit Attacks

These attack combinations are supposed to be employed after the Reversal Edge hits the opponent. This can be done by pressing A, B or K after the reversal edge hits, depending on which combination you’re willing to apply.

The combinations deal additional damage once they’re applied. Some of these are Poison Breath, Enma’s Flame – Manji Dragonfly and Shurado War Fan – Manji Dragonfly.

Yoshimitsu Costumes

Yoshimitsu’s Color 1 features a white demon mask with green glowing eyes, mouth and a red mane.

The Color 2 features darker colors with glowing red details and white hair.

The Color 3 features a green armor, a yellow colored hakama and a blonde mane. The eyes and mouth will be glowing green.

The Color 4 will feature a silver armor with black gauntlets. The hair and hakama will be red and Yoshimitsu will be glowing red.

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