Soul Calibur 6 Xianghua Strategy Guide – Soul Charge, Critical Edge, Reversal Edge, Tips

The fast-moving Xianghua and her fast flowing attacks keep the opponents guessing where the next attack will come from. Learn more about her general playstyle and how you can employ the strategic tips in our Soul Calibur 6 Xianghua Strategy Guide to excel in every battle.

Soul Calibur 6 Xianghua Strategy

Thanks to her Chinese Sword, Xianghua can unleash a flurry of quick attacks from different angles and evade if something does not go her way.

Furthermore, the ‘Traveling Artist’, a nickname as she is known by, can quickly change stances into Silent Xia Sheng state that always keeps the opponent guessing.

Xianghua’s moveset allows her to control space well and find tight windows for the attack, while not leaving any openings behind.

Close-Quarters Combat

Since there is always more of an advantage to keep the fight up-close with a style like that of Xianghua, you need to be aware of moves that close the distance quickly.

The Playful Rhythm (f, hold f + B, B) and Woan Shyong Swing (f, hold f + K) are excellent examples of attacks that you can use to rush your way in and close to the opponent.

You can also use Fragrant Dream (f, hold f + A, B, A) to prevent an 8-way run from the opponent.

Utilizing this close-quarter position, you can keep the opponent guessing with strings that comprise of dangerous low, mid and high attacks. Some of the moves you can perform for this purpose are:

  • Still Water: (f + B, B)
  • Rippling Chant: (f + B, A)
  • Advancing Rhythm: (b + B, A)
  • Pointing Thrust: (b + B, B)

Feint Attacks

By first performing low attacks like Angry Shui Shian (d/f + A, K), Wind Watcher Sweep (d/f + A), you can cause the opponents to feint allowing you to follow up with highly damaging strikes.

One of the combo starters can be through Lian Hua Upper (d/f + B) which utilizes the aerial approach for max damage. Another example of a good launcher is Playful Slice (u, hold u + B or d, hold d + B).

Bea Her Hua Stance

After initiating the combo with a launcher, you can follow up with Swallow’s Blade that results into Bea Her Hua stance (f + K, hold A).

Under this stance, you are granted another low feint attack, Feint Wheel Kick (K) and a powerful mid attack, Jade Break (B). Both of these moves, on hit, can be followed up by the Reversal Edge for Xianghua.

Crouching Attacks

Xianghua also gets two very effective moves for breaking the opponent’s guard while she is ducking. These include the Mei Guei Hua (d/f + B) and Mei Hua Divide (d/f + A, B), the latter being a low attack.

Silent Xia Sheng Stance

The stance allows Xianghua to confuse the opponents of what her next move is going to be. Firstly, she can perform a feint attack, Sweet Harmony (b + A, A) and then cancel into this stance by (b + hold A).

Under this stance, you can perform two very powerful moves: Waterfall (B) and Wind Chime (A + G). You can also land a counter hit against the opponent should they dodge your Waterfall attack, by following up with Splitting Mist (A).

Counter and Retaliatory Attacks

Dodging strikes is much more favorable for Xianghua as she can use that to execute devastating punishes.

The Hwu Dye (d/f + B, K) move works as a great counter against high attacks, while to retaliate against mid or short-ranged attacks, perform Vengeful Lian Hua (b, hold b + B).

Additionally, the following three moves all carry guard-impact properties so you utilize them as counter-attacks to land a lethal hit.

  • Muu Jiann Retreat (b + A, B)
  • Fluttering Lan Se Ren (d + A, B)
  • Twin Mei Hua (f + A, B)

You can even play around the opponent’s Reversal Edge and employ a ‘bait’ strategy.

Since some pressure-heavy strings are likely to invoke a reversal attack from the opponent, you can take advantage and switch stances to avoid the reversal attack and punish the opponent instead of for attempting to do so.

Some good combo strings include Emperor’s Lament (B, B, B) into Lapis Chime (B, B, K); and Rippling Chant (f + B, A) into Still Water (f + B, B).

When you are expecting a Reversal Edge from the opponent, quickly change into Silent Xia Sheng stance from Emperor’s Lament by holding the last B button.

Alternatively, change into Playful Xia Sheng stance via Still Water (through f + B, d). Lastly, the lethal attack would come in the form of Great Wall (A + B) that you can perform in either of the two stances.

Critical Edge

This super attack triggered by inputting all attack buttons simultaneously (A + B + K), is of great potential use because of its links and possibility of canceling from other moves.

Special Throws, Soul Charged moves and every launcher can be canceled into this Critical Edge for good damage. It is also very quick to come out on its own, so if you are unsure of the enemies’ attack pattern, you can just throw it out.

Soul Charge

Soul Charging allows you to increase damage on your follow up from Wind Blossom Song (A, A, B, B) but only on a counter hit. There is also increased damage potential for Qing Quake Step (A, A, B, K), especially against a Reversal Edge attack.

Furthermore, the Radiant Ring move (f, hold f + A, B, B) crushes the opponent’s guard to let you bombard them with offensive options.

There is also an increased juggle effect on launchers like Lian Hua Upper and Mei Guei Hua which you can follow-up with Shining Swallow (f + K, B, B) and Scintillating Waterfall (f, hold f + B, K, B) respectively.

Reversal Edge

The Reversal Edge can be coupled with either of the A, K or B buttons for three different effects:

  • Following up with B, a guard-crushing middle attack is performed with high damage properties.
  • Following up with K, you can dodge an enemy’s B attack. Furthermore, if you are sitting on a full Soul Gauge, then you have the ability to cancel into a Critical Edge for high damage.
  • Following up with A, you can press A twice consecutively to unleash Palace Rhythm which is a middle break attack. Alternatively, after the Reversal Edge, you may input A, B to perform Jewel Song that is a good low break attack.

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