Soul Calibur 6 Voldo Strategy Guide – Soul Charge, Critical Edge, Reversal Edge, Stances

Ready to play with the next most badass blind character after Kenshi from Mortal Kombat? Well, the one we are going to talk about is a mute as well. However, do not let that underestimate Voldo’s unique fighting style which we will talk about in detail in our Soul Calibur 6 Voldo Strategy Guide.

Soul Calibur 6 Voldo Strategy

There is a reason Voldo in Soul Calibur 6 is known as the Hell Guardian because he remains unpredictable and disturbing to face.

Owing to his unique playstyle and unusual stances, he can utilize any range or position of the opponent thanks to his increased flexibility and a keen eye for sharp movement.

His special stance, the Mantis Claw is his greatest tool in a bizarre tool-set. His weapon of choice, the three blades protruding out of his hand, also deliver quick and brutal slashes.

Attack from Both Front and Back

Mechanically, Voldo can perform both: long ranged attacks when facing forward to the opponent and quick, short-ranged attacks when facing away from them.

When ranged attacks are concerned, you can utilize Merry Mantis (f + B, B) or Gate Prier (f, hold f A + B, K) to keep them at bay.

Even when you are facing towards the opponent, you have to prepare for a possibility where they might close in. In such a case, utilize the few quick attacks that come with facing forward.

These include Elegant Death Rose (f + A, A), Side Claw Brace (A, A) and Scorpion Sting (f, hold f + A).

If things are not working out for you, you can always change into the ‘facing away’ stance that allows you to get more offensive and close-ranged attacks.

A wide variety of moves is available in this stance. Most of these will break the opponent’s guard. These are:

  • Jolly Ripper: (b + A)
  • Blind Crescent: (b + hold B)
  • Scorpion Tail: (b + K)
  • Blind Drop: (f, hold f + K)

Additionally, you can also remain positive on the block should you, under the facing away stance, follow up with either the Blind Scissors (A, A) or the Rat Straight (b + B).

Mantis Crawl Stance

To cancel into the stance, hold the last B button in Merry Mantis or the last A button in Scorpion Sting. Alternatively, you can transition straight into the Mantis Crawl stance by inputting (B + K).

Bending way back to resemble a human-sized mantis, under this stance, the character can land different attacks based on the opponent’s position near the head or the feet region of Voldo.

You can freely switch between these two stances via Fool’s Labyrinth (input A during Mantis Crawl stance)

Near Feet
This strategy utilizes concepts of rush-down and dash-ins to overwhelm the opponent when Voldo’s feet are facing towards them.

Perform a Mantis Fire Dance (f, hold f) to rush in and look for the most opportune moment to land the next move: Fool’s Gravedigger (B), which will be a lethal hit should it act as a counterattack.

Near Head
This stance, when Voldo’s head faces the opponent, is better for mid and low attack mix-ups to break the enemy’s guard.

You can still perform the Mantis Fire Dance by inputting the same commands but this time it is turned into a lethal low attack. The Fool’s Spring (B) under this stance, is a mid-strike that lets you initiate a combo.

Critical Edge

The Downward Spiral Critical Edge is a strike that is not safe on block but can work as good counter move if utilized in the right stance.

When facing away from the opponent, this Critical Edge is extremely quick and hard to see coming, however it is much more predictable when facing towards the opponent.

Soul Charge

This grants the character a special stance called Death Roll under which you can start a string of devastating combos.

First, cancelling into Death Roll stance is carried out by Soul Charging and then performing either of the following moves to enter the stance:

  • Side Claw Pitfall (A,A,A)
  • Pitfall Kick (jump K)
  • Pitfall Marionette (qcf + K)

After Soul Charging, you can also perform a formidable mid attack, Diablo Brothers (f, hold f + B, B). Furthermore, you can quickly change into the Mantis Crawl by performing Arching Centipede (b + B, B, B) while you are facing towards the opponent.

Reversal Edge

While in the animation of the Reversal Edge move, you can press back to transition into ‘facing away’ stance, otherwise on hit, you will unleash the Critical Edge and the follow-ups that come with it.

Alternatively, the Reversal Edge can be coupled with either of the A, K or B buttons for three different effects:

  • Following up with K, an aerial attack is performed.
  • Following up with A, a horizontal strike is unleashed. However, holding the A button will let Voldos transition into ‘facing away’ stance.
  • Following up with B, a launcher connects which deals huge damage. A follow-up combo can also be started by holding B and changing into Mantis Crawl stance and utilizing attacks under that stance.

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