Soul Calibur 6 Talim Strategy Guide – Soul Charge, Critical Edge, Reversal Edge, How to Play

Our Soul Calibur 6 Talim Strategy Guide will help you learn all about playing as Talim in Soul Calibur VI, tips, combos, Soul Edge, and Reversal Edge.

Talim is one of the many playable characters in Soul Calibur VI and that is why we have covered her playstyle in this Soul Calibur 6 Talim Strategy Guide. She might seem like a nimble person but she is as deadly as any of the fighters in the series and has devastating combos with her Dual Tonfas.

Soul Calibur 6 Talim Strategy

Okay, let me be serious. Talim does look like one of those Japanese anime-fighting girls who like to wear a Sailor uniform. While I am not a big fan of a Sailor uniform myself, Talim is fairly popular among fans of Soul Calibur.

With her Dual Tonfa-styled blades, Talim is able to do a lot of damage in close combat. She is known as the Last Priestess of the Winds for something, aye?

Without further ado, let us begin how to play Talim, tips, and tricks that will help you in becoming a better avatar of the wind.

Talim Fighting Style

With her dual Tonfa-styled blades, she is able to control the wind and deal devastating damage in close range.

She can also rush towards the long-ranged enemy and defeat them before they even have a chance to counter. Let us discuss what skills she can use:


Rapid Espada – Wind Charmer
By following the following button combo, Talim is able to rush towards an enemy at a fast speed before they have time to even breathe:

Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack + Horizontal Attack + ↓ OR ↑, depending on the direction you wish to rush.

Kali Rush
While using the Wind Charmer technique, you can use the Kali Rush to deal a flurry of attacks.

It is especially useful if you wish to eliminate an enemy without giving him a spot to breathe in. To use a Kali Rush, hit Rapid Espada – Wind Charmer + Horizontal Attack + Kick + Horizontal Attack.

This is especially useful because the combo ends in a low hit, so even if your opponent is blocking, his guard will ultimately break.

Turning Kali Strikes
These strikes deal tons of damage and have a good chance of stripping the enemy of their pride. You can initiate this devastating strike combo by Rapid Espada – Wind Charmer) + Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack.

Mirror Fan Strikes
Talim can use her Tonfas as fans and throw a gush of wind towards the enemy. Since she is an avatar of the wind, she is able to deal devastating damage with her wind attacks.

Mirror Fan Strikes is a ranged attack that has a better reach than any of her closer ranged attacks. You can use Mirror Fan Strikes by → + Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack.

Additionally, if you press the ↓ OR ↑ key afterward, you can launch a Wind Charmer so it can be a combo starter.

Air Blade Thrust
It has the same concept as the Mirror Fan Strikes but has a longer range than Mirror Fan Strikes and can be used in more variety of conditions.

You can use the Air Blade Thrust with → + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack. Heck, you can even use it in a break attack to be effective against Reversal Edges.

Flowing Gale Hook
You can use the following combination for a Flowing Gale Hook, which is essentially a Horizontal Attack with → → OR ↘↘ OR ↗↗ + Horizontal Attack.

Paayon Thrust
Much similar to the Flowing Gale Hook, Paayon Thrust is a high attack that is difficult to counter and is relatively fast. You can trigger Paayon Thrust by → → OR ↘↘ OR ↗↗ + Vertical Attack.

Wind Sault
You can trigger the rushing technique Wind Sault by → + Vertical Attack + Kick.

Double Inwardi
This technique can be used when in the Wind Sault rush by Wind Sault + Horizontal Attack.

You can use this technique to get past the enemy guard because this is a low attack.

Double Bartikal
This technique can be used when in the Wind Sault by Wind Sault + Vertical Attack. This is a middle attack and can be used to deal more damage than Double Inwardi but has less use overall.

Weather Vane Buster
If you are facing your opponent, and want to move away, you can use the Weather Van Buster to attack them in a flurry of attacks.

This combo can be triggered by rapidly spamming the Horizontal Attack button until you ultimately face away from the enemy.

Razor Storm
By crushing the following combo, you can do what a Weather Van Buster will do but with less repetition and more chance of success by ↘ + Horizontal Attack.

Twin Baray Lift
You can use the following button combination to prevent your enemy from doing a high attack and using the Twin Baray Lift combo by ↙ + Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack

Blade Cyclone
By using the following buttons, you can trigger a Blade Cyclone. This will ultimately break your opponent’s high attack by ⬇⬇ OR ⬆⬆ + Horizontal Attack. This technique can be used quite easily and works just like a Shoryuken.

Wind Fury Stance

Wind Fury is a special stance for Talim and can be used to deal devastating damage to an enemy, even if they are blocking the incoming attacks.

You can also deal specific combos while in Wind Fury stance like the Panay Hurricane that can be done by spamming the Vertical button while in this stance or the Swooping Blade that can open up opportunities for a full-blown combo by pressing the Horizontal Attack in this stance.

Critical Edge

The Critical Edge for Talim is called the ‘Dancing Tempest’. It allows you to glide throw the air and towards a farther location easily. This Tempest can also be used to evade incoming low attacks and still deal damage to your enemy.

The best thing about Dancing Tempest is that you can heal yourself while using this technique. By striking an airborne foe, it will transition into an attack throw and replenish your health.

Dancing Tempest cannot be countered so use this to your advantage. Use this technique from a medium range and harass your opponent’s stamina.

You can also connect the Critical Edge technique to the Blue Sky that can be triggered by ⬇ + ↘ + ➡ + Vertical Attack.

Blue Sky will juggle your opponents in the air and deal a massive deal of damage without returning your opponent to the ground. Use it when you have maximum Soul Gauge.

Soul Charging

You can use several techniques during a Soul Charge, so be sure to read this portion of the guide.

While Soul Charged, do a Wind Charmer and spam the following button combination for a Tempest Assault using Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack.

While Soul Charged, do a Wind Charmer and spam the following button combination for the Arctic Winds by Horizontal Attack + Kick + Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack.

You can use the changing winds to get close to your opponents and break your opponent’s shield. You can trigger Changing Winds by Soul Charge + → → OR ↘↘ OR ↗↗ + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack.

Reversal Edge

You can break your own combo if you see an enemy trying to counter you by pressing the ⬅ key. You can also back away, activate stance and try to push the enemy.

A Reversal Edge can be coupled with either of the Horizontal Attack, Kick or Vertical Attack buttons for three different effects:

Following with Horizontal attack, the movement will transition into a special movement and become a strong attack. If the strike hits, a combo can be unleashed later. You can also use Panay Hurricane here.

Following with Vertical attack, you can start a good combo. Stop after the first hit to turn away from your enemy and then use a Kick to disorient them. Following with a Kick, you can ring out your opponent depending on your positioning.

And that is all for our Priestess of the Wind. Be sure to follow our guides on other characters and you will definitely become a Soul to be tackled with. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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