Soul Calibur 6 Taki Strategy Guide – Soul Charge, Critical Edge, Reversal Edge, Stances

Our Soul Calibur 6 Taki Strategy Guide will help you learn all about playing as Taki in Soul Calibur VI, tips, combos, Soul Edge, and Reversal Edge.

Taki is one of the 21 playable characters in SC6 and in this Soul Calibur 6 Taki Strategy Guide; we will discuss the different techniques Taki is able to use as well as tricks and tips to help you get better while playing with her. Be sure to read every bit of it if you wish to become a good Muso-Batto-ryu fighter.

Soul Calibur 6 Taki Strategy

Indeed Taki is one of the strongest characters in Soul Calibur 6. She is a rogue ninja, an outcast from the Fu-Ma clan, and uses her short-blade mastery to assassinate her targets with precision.

She is extremely fast and is able to cover distances very quickly through the side-step techniques.

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Since Taki is a ninja, she might be a useful character if you play sneaky. You will find the complete list of abilities that Taki can use here including the several tricks that might be useful while playing with her.

Taki Fighting Style

Taki uses short blades and hence is a close-combat fighter. You can use her various skills to close in the distance between you and your opponent and launch devastatingly fast hits.


She can leave her opponents begging for mercy with her long combos.

Possession Stance
If you wish to enter the possession stance, where Taki is covered with some ancient Japanese script, you can ⬅ + Vertical Attack + Horizontal Attack + ⬅

Assassin’s Strike
By using the → → OR ↘↘ OR ↗↗ + Vertical Hit, you will get close to your opponent and deal a lethal hit. Assassin’s Strike also allows you to start a damaging combo. You can also use this skill while in Possession for higher lethality.

Crossing the Cliff
By using the → → OR ↘↘ OR ↗↗ + Horizontal Attack + Guard Key, you will be able to break the enemy’s guard and open them for lethal attacks. Use this trick as often as you can for maximum efficiency.

Ninja Cannon
By pressing the Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack keys together, you can effectively counter your enemy if they try to counter you with a Reversal Edge or Guard Impact. After all, Taki is Japanese.

Snap Dragon
By pressing → + Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack, you will be able to chase a sidestepping enemy and break their movement. This technique is especially useful if you are dealing with an enemy that likes to spam sidesteps.

Lightning Scroll
By pressing ⬅ + Vertical Attack + Horizontal Attack, you will be able to employ a Lightning Scroll to stun an enemy in their paths if they try to sidestep. You can also use this skill while in Possession for higher lethality.

Dream Scroll
While in a Possession stance, press the following buttons to trigger a Dream Scroll and deal damage to your opponents, even if they guard with Possession + Vertical Attack.

Explosive Talisman
By pressing the following button combo, you can release an Explosive Talisman that will stop incoming enemies in their tracks and blast them with → + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack. You can also use this skill while in Possession for higher lethality.

Demon Destroyer – Possession Rush
While possessed, press the following button combo to rush towards an enemy at full speed, leaving them no time to counter your attacks: Possession + → + Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack.

Critical Edge

By using the Critical Edge technique, Taki can go temporarily invincible, able to break all enemy’s feints. While she is invincible, no damage can be dealt to her.

You can use this technique to get closer to your enemies. It can also be used in combos for extra damage. Taki’s Critical Edge is called Fatal Violet.

Soul Charging – Imina

You can pressurize your opponents with a combo that will nullify all Reversal Edges. By using a Soul Charge, you can activate a combo that will break the enemy’s guard and deal huge deals of damage.

During Soul Charge, press Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack.

During Soul Charge, press Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack.

Reversal Edge

You can break your own combo if you see an enemy trying to counter you by pressing the ⬅ key. You can also back away, activate Possession stance and try to push the enemy.

A Reversal Edge can be coupled with either of the Horizontal Attack, Kick or Vertical Attack buttons for three different effects.

Following up with a Horizontal attack, you can attain a good combo by pressing Horizontal attacks in succession. You will chip the enemy’s health, a lot. If the enemy tries to use Reversal Edge, activate a Possession stance and do not let him do so.

Following up with a Vertical attack, you need to use lower kicks to chip away the guarding opponent’s health and then breaking his guard. Following up with a Kick, you can use a Critical Edge (mentioned above) to start a big combo.

And that is all for our violet Japanese ninja. Be sure to check out our other guides. We hope you have a good time. Thanks for reading, and have fun!

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