Soul Calibur 6 Sophitia Strategy Guide

Want to master Sophitia and her moves in Soul Calibur 6? We have just the guide for you.

Can’t get enough of Sophitia? Well, neither can we! And that is exactly why we have compiled the Soul Calibur 6 Sophitia Strategy Guide that will totally help you in your journey to becoming a true Athenian combatant.

Soul Calibur 6 Sophitia Strategy

Sophitia is originally a Greek baker that worships the god Hephaestus. After certain events, she is able to use The Athenian Style and has become a proud fighter that fights for justice.

Sophitia has always been the talk of the town throughout the Soul Calibur series because of her costumes.

Sophitia often wears a skirt of different shades that usually resembles the theme of Greek Goddess and Grecian Warrior. She also wears armor in arms, legs, and chest.

Color 1 of her costume has original colors, color 2 points out the color of her alternate outfit in Soul Edge/Soul Blade, Color 3 points out her malfested status in Soul Calibur 4/Pyrrha Omega and Color 4 points out her Soul Edge/Soul Blade art.

By utilizing her small sword and a buckler, Sophitia is able to punish all evil with her very balanced fighting style. She is able to use her buckler to deflect all incoming attacks. Her small sword is designed for close-combat gameplay.

Her combos are equally devastating as they are swift. One blink and you might lose a limb or two. Sophitia can do a lot of moves and some of these moves include (but not limited to):

Silent Cross
You can close the distance between you and your enemy by → → OR OR + Horizontal Attack. This attack can be used to break your foe’s guard and open them for some hefty damage.

Sword Shower
The Sword Shower is a piercing ability that is able to break the enemy’s guard with a sword thrust. You can use this thrust using + Vertical Attack.

Heaven’s Arch
You can use this ability called ‘Heaven’s Arch’ to throw an enemy. You can activate it through → → OR OR + Horizontal Attack + Guard.

Paladin Purifier
Use this ability to open a huge combo and deal massive damage to your enemy, leaving them mentally scarred. You can execute it by + Vertical Attack.

Roaring Stream
By pressing the button combination listed below, you can counter your enemy’s counter and launch a flurry of attacks by → + Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack.

Press the Hilt
Similar to Roaring Stream, you can use this attack to both attack and defend simultaneously. You can employ both your weapons properly through → + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack.

Angel Step
By double pressing any movement key towards or away from your enemy, you will employ the Angel Step.

You can use this technique to either close in the distance between you and your enemy or move farther away from them.

Starlight Blade
By constantly spamming the Horizontal Attack, you can trigger the Starlight Blade and deal damage. Use a movement key while employing this technique and you will close in on your enemy, while also trying to deal them damage.

Angel Satellite
While using the Angel Step, you can deal damage while also pushing towards them. Spam the Horizontal Attack button while in Angel Step for this trick. You will also break the enemy’s side step and any 8-way movement.

Holy Arrow Kick
By throwing her own body like a holy arrow, Sophitia is able to cover a lot of distance in a short distance while also dealing a high attack towards her enemy.

During Angel Step, press the Kick button and she will throw herself towards the enemy. It is hard to counter.

Seraphim Echo
During an Angel Step, by pressing the Horizontal and Vertical attack buttons at once, Sophitia will break her enemy’s toughest defense. It will also allow you to act first, and since it is a break attack, it will tear through a Reversal Edge.

Angel’s Strike
You can use Angel’s Strike, a technique that involves a lot of movement through + + → + Vertical Attack.

Critical Edges

By employing a tough middle horizontal Critical Edge, Sophitia is able to tear through the enemy defense and since this transitions into a throw that deals high-damage on impact, it is a deadly technique. Use this as part of an air combo.

Similar to the Shoryuken, by using her short blade, Sophitia is able to throw her enemies into the air.

You can use the Plasma blade in coordination with a Critical Edge by + + →→ + Kick.

These techniques are also excellent for increasing a combo damage and punishing an enemy in case you miss your opportunity to strike back.

You can use Twin Step Grace to rush towards your enemy and hit them with all you have by + Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack

The Critical Edge for Sophitia is called ‘Deep Scar’ that is a grave reminder of her initial battle against Cervantes, the wielder of Soul Edge at the time. By employing this edge, you can get closer to Dark Legacy.

Dark Legacy is a kind of activation that is a big advantage when activated. You can use Deep Scar in your combos to guarantee hits and become an even better fighter.

Deep Scar is basically a rising middle attack that has a long reach. Since it is a long reach hit, you will hit flying-away enemies in a combo.

Soul Charging

By employing power techniques, you can charge your soul. Some of the techniques that can be used during a Soul Charge are given below:

You can use Cutlass Seraphim: while doing a Soul Charge by Soul Charge + + Horizontal Attack and Vertical Attack.

This is a break attack and will pierce through a Reversal Edge as if it is nothing. Even if the attack is blocked somehow, you get enough time to recover and use another technique before your opponent is able to lift a single finger.

By constantly spamming the Vertical Attack button, you can implement the Divine Mist, an amazing technique that is able to defeat your enemies without much effort.

During a Soul Charge, you can use Twin Step Sword Rain to do a substantial amount of damage. Basically, Sophitia will juggle her enemies in the combo, creating a devastating result.

You can use the Twin Step Sword Rain by Soul Charge + + Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack.

Reversal Edge

You can break your own combo if you see an enemy trying to counter you by pressing the key. You can also back away, activate stance and try to push the enemy. This can also be used in conjunction with the Angel Step.

A Reversal Edge can be coupled with either of the Horizontal Attack, Kick or Vertical Attack buttons for three different effects:

Following with Horizontal Attack, you can use an Angel Step that will follow your attack and then use the Angel Satellite to keep up a combo.

Heck, even if the enemy is guarded, you can break the guard with this combo.

Following with Vertical Attack, a launcher would be a great way to potentially do some damage. You will also be able to land some air combos on hit.

Following with a Kick, a spin kick will be delivered to your enemy that can be used alternatively as a way to dodge your opponent’s attacks. If your Soul Gauge is full, you can chain it into a Critical Edge.

And that is all for our beautiful Athenian warrior. Be sure to check out our other guides. Thanks for reading, and have fun!

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