Soul Calibur 6 Seong Strategy Guide – How to Play, Counters, Matchups

The daughter of the Bladed Rod, better known by her name of Seong Mi-Na, is a returning character who uses her Scarlet Thunder to wreak havoc on everyone. Our Soul Calibur 6 Seong Strategy Guide will walk you through the mechanics and the moves of this character.

Soul Calibur 6 Seong Strategy

Since Seong Mina is a returning character to the game, a lot of the moves and combos that she had in the previous games are still there. The main thing that sets Seong apart from everyone else is that she is very fun to play.

It is quite an exhilarating experience to see her dart across the ring and deal damage like it is not even that big a deal.

She has a massive range, and when I say massive, I mean it! You can easily lunge at the opponent from a far away. This is very good for when you want to ring out an enemy as almost no one expects you to be able to hit them from far away.

One of the main mechanics that you have available to you is the ability to launch an enemy up in the air and then lunge at him or her when they come crashing down.

You may think that it is not that big of a deal since many a character can do this but just try it with Seong Mi-Na once and see the massive range that she has when doing this.

Seong Mi-Na Tips

The main thing that plays to your advantage is the fact that you are quick like lightning and have a lot of range. Combine these two together and you can easily dominate opponents.

One of the most fascinating things about Seong is that when you see a player who has mastered the character play her, they do not even let their opponent get close to them and the game is over.

Not only do you have ample opportunities to ring out enemies, but you can also simply finish them off from your attacks too.

Although it does take a bit more time than it does on the other characters, Seong is a very good dueler with a block that can be a force in its own right.

Counters and Matchups

The main weakness that you have is that she does not have a lot of damage. Since she has a ton of range, giving her damage on top of it would have made her too powerful.

Not only that, but she is also quite useless once it comes to close range. She has to use her kicks since her vertical and horizontal attacks do little to no damage.

On top of that, her close-ranged attacks are very slow as well. Although I have stated that she can use her weapon with a lot of proficiency as well as speed, you do not want to let things get too personal when you are playing as Seong.

Make sure you keep the enemy at a distance and disengage as soon as you see someone trying to close the gap since that is a sure fire way for you to lose.

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