Soul Calibur 6 Reversal Edge Guide – Guard Crush, QTEs Tips

Fighting games have seen quite the success in recent times with the likes of Street Fighter V and Tekken 7. Soon we will have our hand on new entries in popular franchises like Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur, the latter of which has many new features and mechanics being added to it.

One of these is the introduction of Soul Calibur 6 Reversal Edge that may be tricky at first to pull off but with enough knowledge and understanding of the concept, as we will help you below, you can master the mechanic in no time at all!

Soul Calibur 6 Reversal Edge

The two special mechanics, Reversal Edge Stance and the consequent, Reversal Edge Attack, go hand in hand, and play something like the Focus Attacks in Street Fighter IV.

The commands for the Reverse Edge are quite clear and simple. You can trigger this move simply by tapping R1 or RB button of the controller while holding those buttons alter the characteristic of the move.

The Reversal Edge mechanism is very luck based, too, with the Rock-Paper-Scissor kind of mechanics involved.
You should use Reversal Edge when you want a change of pace. Using this ability does indeed provide a breather for your fingers, and the controller, if only temporarily.

Just as was the case with Focus Attacks, you will be invulnerable to any attacks, and even throws, unlike Street Fighter IV.

However, this particular stance will only be triggered when you hold the buttons instead of tapping them.

After you have held the buttons long enough or evaded any hits during this special stance, you will send out an unblockable strike onto your opponent, similar to the Guard Crush in SFIV.

This unblockable move is called the Reversal Edge Attack. Alternatively, you can also skip the whole stance and have the move come out directly by just tapping the R1 or RB buttons instead of holding them.

When the Guard Crush occurs, instead of taking the damage directly, the two players will engage in a kind of a mini-game where you will have to face off in a set of button presses or QTEs.

Here, you will need to guess and react accordingly to either avoid hits completely or clash with the opponent to enter the second round of the mini-game. All the possibilities that can arise in the mini-game are listed below:

Vertical Beats Horizontal
Vertical Strike, triggered by Triangle/Y Button, beats Horizontal Strike but loses to both Kick and Sidestep.

Horizontal Beats Kick
The Horizontal Strike, triggered by Square/X Button, beats Kick but loses to both Vertical Strike and Advance Evading.

Kick Beats Vertical
Kick, triggered by the Circle/B Button beats Vertical Strike but loses to Horizontal Strike and Retreating Evade.

Guard Blocks All
Using the Guard action with the Cross or A Button will block all attacks, essentially rendering the enemy’s advances useless.

Guard Can’t be Used Twice
Remember, the Guard option cannot be used if you are too low on your Guard Meter and even if you used it in the first round of the Mini-Game, you won’t have enough to use it for the next round.

All the moves mentioned above: Vertical, Horizontal, and even Kick clash against one of the respective ones. The only exception is the Guard action, which neutralizes all attacks.

You can evade Forward to avoid Horizontal Strikes only, retreat back to avoid Kick Attacks, and Sidestep to avoid Vertical Strikes. These special movements don’t clash with any attack moves, or Frankly anything at all.

Keep these points in your mind and you will become one of the best Reversal Edge mini-game players in the whole Soul Calibur 6 universe.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section if you like this specific mechanic for the game, or not. We surely do welcome this new change. We are excited about the game and especially this ability. You are now good to go!

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