Soul Calibur 6 Raphael Strategy Guide – How to Play, Counters, Matchups

Our Soul Calibur 6 Raphael Strategy Guide will help you learn all about playing as Raphael in Soul Calibur VI, tips, combos, Soul Edge, and Reversal Edge.

Among the many characters that are returning to the Soul Calibur franchise is Raphael whose aggressive gameplay and deadly Rapier known as the Flambert are great for players who like to play the game at a breakneck pace. Those who are new to the character can use our Soul Calibur 6 Raphael Strategy Guide to understand how to utilize him the way he is meant to be used.

Soul Calibur 6 Raphael Strategy

Raphael is a decent mid-range fighter. He has many weapons up his sleeve and the main thing that sets him apart from everyone else is how his precision can be used to relentlessly poke enemies without fear of any backlash.

Your hit and run strategy is pretty much the bread and butter of how you should be playing when you are Raphael.

You do not have a ton of damage and for that reason; it is best that you do not simply dive in and try to beat people in a brawl-style combat. Stay back and use your range as much as you can to slowly but surely take down the enemy.

Some of your moves can be performed much faster than they would usually if you use your “Preparation” stance. This stance is quite useful because it also gives you a lot of defensive options to exploit and avoid enemy attacks.

Once you evade an attack, you can use your Royal Poison to deal a lot more damage than they expect. Since it is not possible to counter it, you will be doing a lot of damage and the enemy will not have anything to do until you are done.


Raphael Tips

The power of your Rapier is quite a lot. Any good player who is adept at Raphael can ensure that the enemy is at half HP before they are even close to you.

You have more than enough moves in your arsenal to send enemies away from you and keep them there while you slowly wither them down and make them submit.

You also have certain attacks that cannot be stopped by the enemies such as the Royal Poison. These attacks are very good for when you are caught in the enemy’s grasp and need to get out of it.

You can also check out our *Raphael Moves List* for more information on how to play with him.


As stated before, the main thing that you need to do is to avoid any enemy from coming close to you. Once an enemy is close to you, you are done since your attacks simply do not damage anyone there.

Moreover, since you only have one main playstyle that you can use to deal damage, this means that it is very easy to counter you.

Raphael is extremely predictable and anyone who has a little bit of experience playing against him can easily take him down by using a defensive approach and then going all in when the opportunity arises.

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