Soul Calibur 6 Mitsurugi Strategy Guide – Guard Crush, the Rib Ripper, Soul Charge, Reversal Edge

Our Soul Calibur 6 Mitsurugi Strategy Guide will help you learn all about playing as Mitsurugi in SCVI, tips, combos, Soul Edge, and Reversal Edge.

Wanna learn something a bit more of the quick and lethal style of Mitsurugi? Perhaps getting to know more about his deadly katana slashing away at the opponents? We have it all here! Below, you will find details regarding the character’s playstyle and utilizing it properly to get an edge in Soul Calibur 6.

Soul Calibur 6 Mitsurugi Strategy

The “Bodyguard of the Warring States” does not hold back when he has unleashed the full strength of his katana, the Shishi-Oh. There are no drawbacks for using a weapon even when the distance from an opponent is concerned.

With that said, it works better close-range with clever mid and low attacks to exploit the enemy’s defense. He also uses special stances to keep the opponents at their toes throughout the fight.

Close-Range Attacks and Possibilities

Since the full force of the katana is not felt unless it is up close against the opponent, you will need to be aware of some moves that can close the gap between the two fighters quickly.

For that purpose, Swift Edge (f, hold f + A, A) or Bell Breaker (f, hold f + K) work decently as rush attacks. Moreover, you can also crouch and move in close, while also avoiding the enemy’s high attacks by performing Shin Slicer (d/b + A).

For standing opponents, a good low attack like Leap of the Loach (d/b + B, B) or Stalk Shaver (d/b + K, B) should be utilized.


As far as crouching opponents go, you can land a lethal hit by performing Heaven Cannon (d/f + B). This also leads into a full combo.

Sidestepping opponents are not safe as well from Mitsurugi’s wrath. He can use his Air Tale move (d + B) or Double Binder (f + A, A) for such purposes and restrict them to a guard position to keep his offense going.

Guard Crush Moves

These moves only work when your opponent decides to use a Reversal Edge attack. You can counter with either:

Double Binder – Relic (f + hold A) which you can use to transition into Fire Brand (B) that appears as a break attack.
The Drawn Breath – Mist (b + hold B) which allows you to transition into Cloud Cutter (B, B, B, B).

The Rib Ripper

This acts like the proper punish for a whiffed attack by the opponent. By performing the Rib Ripper (d, hold d + A or u, hold u + A), you will land a lethal hit that will take a chunk out of the opponent’s HP.

Alternatively, you can also use this attack as a follow up to Swift Edge (f, hold f + A, A) should the enemy feint. Finally, a Heaven Cannon move in counter to an opponent’s reversal edge can also be followed into the Rib Ripper.

Critical Edge

The Thunderbolt Blade Critical Edge attack (d/f +B) can be used as a follow up for extended juggle resulting from Heaven Cannon. Additionally, it can also be combo-ed from a Twisted Gold (d/f + A) counter hit.

Additionally, thanks to the little starting frames for the move, it comes out quick enough to punish the opponent’s missed or blocked launchers.

Soul Charge

Firstly, using the soul-charge mechanic, you can unleash two devastating moves: one, a middle attack, Nirvana Cannon (d/f + B, B) and the other a low attack, Harvest Dance (d/f + K, B, B).

You also get increased damage on Feint L attack (B, A) while the Phoenix Trail (f, hold f + A + B) and Obedience (K, B) moves will have the break-attack properties applied to them.

Reversal Edge

The Reversal Edge can be coupled with any one of the attack buttons: A, B or K, each resulting in different effects:

Following up with A, you can press A three more times successively for a damaging combo with huge corner-carry that could even result in a ring-out.

Following up with B, you will break the opponent’s guard and can even follow up with the Critical Edge if your Soul Gauge is full. Lastly, following up with K, both your mid and low attacks are capable of breaking the opponent’s guard.

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