Soul Calibur 6 Maxi Strategy Guide – Mixups, Seven Stars Severance, Soul Charge, Critical Edge

Want to use the Nunchuks but as someone more fun than Bruce Lee? How about Maxi from Soul Calibur 6? We have noted down the relevant details about Maxi’s moves list and playstyle to give you an upper hand in most match-ups in the game.

Soul Calibur 6 Maxi Strategy

Also known as “Dandy of the Seas”, Maxi’s real game is to keep the opponent guessing with his flurry of quick attacks that are less about dealing damage but more about finding opportunities to do so frequently.

Although his weapon is best for close-ranged attacks, the long strings of dangerous high and low mix-ups will keep the opponent puzzled with unpredictable strikes.

Playing Style

Since you will always be using Nunchuks, you need ways to get in up close and remain that way. For that purpose, rush in with Striking Snake (f, hold f + A), Rolling Sobat (f, hold f + K) or Dragon Cannon (f, hold f +B).

After you have moved in close, use the decent mid attack, Dragon’s Brand (f A + B) as it will deflect high attacks of the opponent. You can also utilize Guillotine Dance (d + A + B) for low strikes that cannot be seen coming easily.

Some devastating combos can be started with the middle attack, Snake Wing Sobat (b + B, B, K). Being a middle attack, it will also work against crouching opponents.

On its second hit, you can cancel into Right Cross (b + B, B, A, A) and then further into Dragon’s Beard (A, A) for some good deal of damage.

Dangerous Mix-ups

Utilizing the following command combinations, you can land mid and low strikes while also breaking your opponent’s guard at the end of the move.

For the middle attack, Dragon Snake Bite (B, A, K) works well. For a low strike, try Swooping Falcon (B, A ~ K, K)

The Serpent’s Bane (b + A, A, A, B) is a mid-attack but if stopped on its third hit, it can be turned into a low strike by entering the Behind Lower stance.

You can switch back to the third or fourth hit of Swooping Falcon attack by inputting back A, A, A, K, K when you are in Behind Lower Stance. This will break your opponent’s guard.

Seven Stars Rebirth

This is a special tool in Maxi’s arsenal. It can be used to change into one of the stances and go against the opponent’s expectations.

For example, you can use Seven Stars Rebirth to switch to Behind Lower stance and then perform Fury Kicks (K, K) which is a good low-attack.

Another example is using this special tool to change into the Behind Lower stance and perform Black Serpent (B) that has a chance of landing a lethal hit capable of crushing the opponent’s guard.

Seven Stars Severance

This particular state lets you do increased damage on your Fury attack (B + K, B, B, B, A) by turning it into an enhanced version Astral Fury.

It can be triggered once you enter all the special stances (Right Outer, Right Cross, Behind Lower, Left Outer, Left Inner, and Neutral Guard) via the Seven Stars Rebirth move.

The special state will last the entire match regardless of the number of rounds.

Critical Edge

You can cancel this “Raging Dragon Zodiac” Critical Edge from a Neutral Guard stance.

The move has a long range and is a mid-attack with guard-break properties. You can also hold the final command for the move to enter other stances and use the attacks that come under them.

Soul Charge

The Soul Charge has two functions for the character of Maxi.

Firstly, his Dragon’s Brand and Dragon’s Cross (A, B during Right Cross stance) become break attacks that on hit will let him switch to Left Inner stance where he can perform more moves.

The Backfist Blow (B) is one such move you can carry out for some damage in the Left Inner Stance.

The second function is to increase combo opportunities for Maxi by allowing additional moves for follow-up.

In the Right Outer stance, you can perform either Ocean Splitter (A + B) or Crashing Wave (A, A + B). While in the Left Outer stance, the only possible attack is the Lightning Dragon (B, A + B).

Reversal Edge

The Reversal Edge can be coupled with any one of the attack buttons: A, B or K, each resulting in different effects:

Following up with A, you can perform the Crashing Wave attack and switch into another stance: Behind Lower (A) or Right Outer (hold A).

Following up with B, you can perform some highly damaging aerial moves. These two include The Backfist Blow from the normal hit of the reversal edge, or on lethal hit, you can transition into Dragon Pounce (K, then hold K during Left Inner stance).

Following up with K, you unleash a kick that is safe on block and causes good pushback effect so can result in ring-outs.

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