Soul Calibur 6 Kilik Strategy Guide

Kilik is a returning character into the series with a brand new storyline. Kilik uses a devastating rod known as Kali-Yuga to wreak havoc on enemies and our Soul Calibur 6 Kilik Strategy Guide will ensure that you know everything you need in order to easily win fights with Kilik.

Soul Calibur 6 Kilik

When you are playing as the new Kilik, you need to remember that you still have the good range and speed that has become a customary trait of Kilik.

However, there are some moves that you cannot do and some moves that you can only do when you are in the SC6 Soul Charge mode.

Some moves are easier to do now and there are some mix-ups that have been recovered from the previous Soul Calibur games to give you more opportunities to exploit. Find the entire Kilik Moves List by heading over to the link.

New Moves and Abilities

The main thing that seemed to be holding Kilik back was that there was no reliable way to launch the enemy into the air.

That is finally here and all you need to do is d/f + B. This launch ability allows you to perform a lot of combos and chain attacks together for massive damage.

You also have a new Malfested Form in Soul Charge in which you lose your life fairly quickly but you also get a lot of attacks and can deal tons of damage if you know how to.

You also get a free Critical Edge that you can use if you want to go back out of your Malfested Form into the normal one.

Use this technique when you want to deal more damage and switch back to the normal form for a more defensive approach.

The following list will let you know some of the special moves you can execute:

  • Crystal fang by pressing B
  • Headman’s Axe by going reverse and pressing B three time followed by K
  • Heatwave by smashing B three times.
  • Ling- Sheng only during Soul charge by pressing B three times
  • Vermillion Bird Descend move by Going forward twice and pressing A then B
  • Inner peace by going reverse and pressing A
  • Twin Bo Upper by going forward and smashing B twice.


The new Kilik has a lot of things that stayed the same and a lot of stuff that changed. All in all, the new Kilik is slightly quicker and a better character if you are planning to use a lot of mix-ups.

There are still a lot of faking and evading moves available to you in case you want to get away from the enemy.

In Malfested Form, you become a lot more predictable as people know that you will be losing your life and will need to account for it.

However, you will deal a lot more damage and will have the ability to rushdown characters. This makes Kilik a dream for some of the more aggressive players of the game.


Some of the flaws that were rampant in the old Kilik are still quite obvious. Perhaps the biggest one is the fact that Block Punishment is not nearly as good as it could have been.

Another thing that could be a weakness is that you still are reliant on your evading moves for your defense and if you are not good at those, then chances are that you will have to deal with tons and tons of damage coming your way.

When it comes to your Malfested Form, you will be almost completely useless against characters that have disengaged and are able to keep you away from them.

At a high-level, good players will be able to counter you fairly easily and that might end up being one of the main reasons why Kilik is not used extensively in the game.

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