Soul Calibur 6 Inferno Guide – Combos, Matchups, How to Play

Soul Calibur VI has a character roster of 22 characters and includes one of the main characters in the whole saga named Inferno. In this Soul Calibur 6 Inferno Guide, we will cover this absolute abomination. We will talk about how exactly to use this character, tips and tricks, matchups, and combos.

Soul Calibur 6 Inferno

Inferno has always been a very mystical creature. First introduced under the name SoulEdge in the game Soul Blade, Inferno has been the main antagonist of many Soul Calibur games.

It is said that Inferno is the physical manifestation of Soul Edge itself. He can use the fighting abilities of countless warriors throughout the Soul Calibur history.

This is the ultimate villain of all fighting games. Inferno feels no pain and therefore is an unstoppable force that no one can even fathom to stop.

We will try our best to understand this absolute abomination and help you find out his combat style so you can play with this character. Without further ado, let us begin:

Mysterious Style

Inferno is a rather less documented character, for a few have seen Inferno and lived to tell the tale.

The people who have actually seen him fight say that his fighting style is similar to that of Nightmare’s.

Nightmare is a new character introduced in the Soul Calibur universe, a deadly villain. As for Inferno, you can check out our Inferno Unlock Guide to learn more.

The difference between both of their abilities is that Inferno uses special abilities like Vile Glare and Void Star.

Vile Glare
During a Vile Glare, Inferno automatically counterattacks any incoming high or middle attack. You can activate Vile Glare using ⬇↘➡.

Vile Sting
By pressing the Kick button in the Vile Glare stance, you will be able to perform Vile Sting. Vile Sting is a low attack so you can use it to get past enemy defenses easily. It is usually used in coordination with Primordial Blood.

Primordial Blood
By pressing the Vertical Attack button in the Vile Glare stance, you will be able to perform Primordial Blood. Primordial Blood is a middle attack and is used to get past enemy defenses. You can use Vile String in coordination with this skill.

Hell Vortex – Vile Glare
You can use a special technique called the Hell Vortex Vile Glare with Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack + ➡. Doing so will result in a very strong combo that can leave enemies stunned and unable to move properly.

Void Star
Void Star is a special aerial stance. You can use it to hit enemies as you soar through the skies. You can activate this special stance by Vertical Attack + Kick.

Traitor’s Blast
Traitor’s Blast can be activated through the Void Star stance. It is an unblockable attack and the only catch is that it is very slow. You can activate Traitor’s Blast by pressing the Horizontal Attack button during Void Star.

Shadow Flare
Unlike Traitor’s Blast, Shadow Flare is an attack that hits enemies at all ranges. It is also unblockable and can be activated by pressing the Vertical Attack button during the Void Star stance.

You will need to hit Inferno as he is launching this attack to make sure you get a chance to evade this attack.

Other data on Inferno is strictly classified and yet to be revealed. We will definitely let you know when our brave spy does get more information on this evil incarnate soul.

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