Soul Calibur 6 Groh Strategy Guide – Stances, Soul Charge, Matchups, Counters

Groh is one of the characters who are very diverse and there are a lot of different fighting styles that you can use when you are playing as Groh. Our Soul Calibur 6 Groh Guide will comprehensively guide you through everything related to Groh and how you can be more effective when you are using him in online mode, versus mode, and in the story.

Soul Calibur 6 Groh Strategy

Groh is a brand new character in the franchise who has a lot of various different moves in his arsenal. He has a very good stance and a lot of what he does is based around it.

His fast attacks are very quick and they can be used to poke enemies quite easily. You can also mix his pokes and string them together to easily take off a good chunk of HP from the enemy without any retaliation.

Let us go ahead and take a look at his stance, strengths, and weaknesses as to understand in what situations does Groh really outshine everyone else.

Stance: Innocent Draw

You can get into Innocent Draw using B + K at the same time. That is not all though, as you have over 15 different transitions that you can do to get into your stance. There are many ways to get into your Innocent Draw stance.

One of the most common ones that you can try to do is to hold F after your attacks. You can also loop the stance within the moves and get into your stance from the crouch positions.

Soul Charge
Once you are in Soul Charge, you will have access to 3 different attacks that you can take a look in our Soul Calibur 6 Move List.


This is a character which has good range and great speed. You should be using Groh at medium range or close range and use combos as well as possible.

There are a lot of poke opportunities and you are the most mobile character in the game once you have the Soul Charge. Groh is quite strong and works really well against defensive disengage-heavy characters.

Groh is quite easily in the meta and you should use him as much as you can.


The main problem that you have is that Block Punishment is not good enough and leaves you vulnerable to a lot of attacks. Not only that, the variability of your gameplay is quite dependent on you being able to use your stances effectively.

Lastly, the biggest problem that you may run into is that once you move forward and miss your attacks, you will be quite vulnerable, as your weaknesses will really show themselves.

This is where any good player will be able to take advantage of you and you will suffer massively.

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