Soul Calibur 6 Geralt Strategy Guide – Signs, Combos, Soul Charge, How to Play

Our Soul Calibur 6 Geralt Strategy Guide will give you several tips and tricks on playing as Geralt, his abilities, and playstyle. Geralt primarily relies on using signs and his two Witcher swords to deal damage. Our SCVI Guide goes over everything you need to know about using Geralt to maximum effect.

Soul Calibur 6 Geralt Strategy

As mentioned earlier, Geralt uses two swords i.e. a Silver one for monsters and a Steel one for humans. Most of the times, you will be using Steel Sword in the game but at times you find the use of the Silver Sword.

Apart from that, he can also use signs to deal some additional damage.

Basic Attacks and Combos

Cleaving Pirouette’s is a gap-closer cleave that you can execute by f, f + A, A or d/f, d/f + A, A or u/f, u/f + A, A. This is an ideal move for players who want to stay in defensive stance while doing some damage.

Alzur’s Double-Cross is an offensive knockdown done by f, f + B, B that deals damage with two vertical strikes and knocks opponents down.

This is a great move to engage someone in a defensive stance. If you are able to execute the move properly, you will have enough time to land in some follow-up attacks.

Berserker Crush is a fast two-strike combo at close-range that can be executed using f + A, B. If your opponent blocks the attack, he/she will have a very little time for a punish.

You can use the low attack to try to break the block and do a follow-up combo. This is an ideal attack for a follow-up combo because even an experienced player will have a hard time countering it.

The Kingsweeper can be executed with d/b + A, B. A very offensive counter-attack ability can potentially do a lot of damage but is susceptible to a counter-attack. It is a two-strike combo that starts with a low attack and follows up with thrust.

Skelliger Uppercut is a strike that will launch your opponent using f + A, B. This should allow you to go in with some decent combos.

Sign Combos
Using signs requires Soul Gauge that regenerates over time. You can speed up the process by attacking and blocking. You can use signs to get shields or to as a combo starter.

Quen Sign can be cast with f + A + B and will provide a frontal shield against any attack. This is an ideal defense against the long-range attacks because it provides a cover for you to move closer to your opponent.

Aard Push will generate a kinetic push that will send your opponent airborne. You can perform it with u + A + B; this is an offensive ability that will provide you with enough time to do some follow-up damage.

Sweeping Aard Thrust is the same attack as Aard Push but is more defensive. You can execute it with d/b + A, A.

This is an ideal sign to use when someone is trying to pin you down because it can give you some breathing time or an opportunity to go on the offense.

The Vaulting Aard Hammer is a standing sign that will throw a hammer at your opponent. It will deal damage even when in guard and is an insanely good attack to abuse someone who likes to play very defensively.

Igni Burn is a sign that will do a damaging burn to your opponent even in guard stance. It can be executed with d + A + B. It can come in handy in stalemate scenario.

As for Impaling Hilt Igni Burn, it is a more offensive version of the same attack that can be executed as a filler between your combos. The sign can be cast with f + B, B.

Lastly, the Yrden Glyph sign can be cast with b + A + B and produces a protected magic field. The magic field will stagger your opponent, allowing you to follow up with another combo.

Soul Charge Counter

These attacks allow you to counter someone who has used a Soul Charge. You can use both of your swords in such a scenario but the silver one will be more effective.

Adrenaline Onslaught is long-ranged defensive slash that can stun the opponent who has activated the Soul Charge. You can execute it using b + A to devastate an opponent with an active Soul Charge.

Backhand Eviscerate is a “Lethal” hit that will deal massive damage and will create an opportunity for further follow-up attacks. You can perform it by b + B. However, do note that it will only be “lethal” if used on Soul Charge-d opponents.

Lastly, the Deadly Retribution is a ranged attack that when hit at close range will deal an incredible amount of damage against Soul Charged opponents. You can execute it by d/b, d/b + A or b, b + A or u/b, u/b + A.

Critical Edge, Soul Charging, Reversal Edge
Critical Edge is like the “Super” in Street Fighter series. Geralt’s Critical Edge is a combination of attacks and signs that will do devastating damage to his opponents.

It is advised that you use the Critical Edge when your opponents are in the air to have maximum effect. Critical Edge drains your Soul Gauge by 100% but boosts your damage by the same amount.

Activating a Soul Charge will increase the power of your character for a short duration but it will make your character vulnerable to attacks while performing the charge.

You will have to create an opening like knock-up or knockdown to complete the Soul Charge.

During the Soul Charge, the camera will zoom in on you and the time will slow down, allowing you to land some combos. Here a short list of few combos you can do during your Soul Charge:

  • Wolven Storm: A, A, A, A
  • Blizzard Frenzy: d/f, d/f or f, f or u/f, u/f + A, A, A
  • Tawny Own Upsurge: d/f + A, A, A, A, A, A…

It is important to note that you drink your Tawny Owl potion; it will stop your Soul Gauge from depleting when you use a sign. Therefore, you will be able to use multiple signs during the full duration of your Soul Charge.

Reverse Edges

Reverse Edges are a counter to Critical Edges that do a high amount of damage in return. This provides a counter-balance to players planning to deal a high amount of damage using Soul Charge or Critical Edge.

Following up with A will do an aggressive strike with your silver sword and if the enemy has activated a Soul Charge, it will provide an opportunity to start a combo.

Following up with B will deal a rising strike with your steel sword and if it lands, it will launch an attack throw that will strike your enemy multiple times.

Following up with K will kick your opponent that can potentially ring them out although it does a very low damage.