Soul Calibur 6 Cervantes Strategy Guide – Stances, Critical Edge, Soul Edge

Our Soul Calibur 6 Cervantes Strategy Guide will help you learn all about playing as Cervantes in Soul Calibur VI, combos, Soul Edge, and Reversal Edge.

Can’t get enough of the nimble dual-wielding fighter in Soul Calibur 6? Neither can we. For that purpose, we have put together a Soul Calibur 6 Cervantes Strategy Guide detailing the general move-set and playstyle you can expect with Cervantes and how you can utilize that properly.

Soul Calibur 6 Cervantes Strategy

The sword and gun combination for this superhuman pilot can prove favorable in both long/close ranged combat scenarios.

Moreover, some moves allow him to move rather quickly and his aerial combos can take them back. This “Shell of a Proud Man” can utilize his Acheron and Nirvana to keep an offensive profile and fearsome presence.

Additionally, Cervantes becomes way more fierce and threatening when his opponent is backed against a wall. He, himself, can bounce off it and out of trouble, should he ever have his back against the wall.

Playstyle and Moves

To keep the opponent always guessing, you can send out safe mid attacks with the likes of Lagging Wave (f, hold f + A), Bile Lunges (f, hold f + B), and Head Scratch Kick (f, hold f + K).

You can keep the offense going even when the enemy is downed with safe attacks like Riot Storm (d/f or u/f, hold d/f or u/f + B) and Gaileon Sinker (b, hold b + K).


Pressure at the Wall

One of the stronger tools of Cervantes, he is able to maintain the opponent and bully him against the wall. His Half-Mast Wave (f + A, A) and Sail Nautilus (f + B, B) are good pushback attacks so you can keep the pressure going on.

Additionally, to do deal damage and open up the opponent’s defense against the wall, perform Cannonball Lifter (d/f + B) or Killer X (d + A + B).

Killer X is a good move for countering attacks since it has priority over a lot of weaker moves. It will also do “lethal” damage on hit.

Even with a small window of attack, you can start a devastating combo at the wall. These combos are mostly initialized with Head Snap Kick (B + K) or Cursed Blow (A WR).

You can follow these up with Anchor Steep Kick (b + K, K) and begin a custom combo.

You can also start a wall combo with the Dead Compass throw (f, hold f + A + G). This is near impossible to grapple-break and the resulting combo is a highly damaging one.

Dread Charge Stance

You can time your attacks either giving them artificial delay once you enter the Dead Charge stance by of Half-Mast Wave, Lagging Waves, or simply pressing B while rising from a crouch position.

Then in the stance, you can continue to perform damaging attacks like Geo Da Ray (B), Damned Onslaught (A), or Rolling Slapper (K). These moves have positive frames and are quick to come out.

Dread Storm Stance

When near a wall, you can enter this stance with either the Geo Da Ray move or Dark Flame (d, hold d + B + K or u, hold u + B + K). This particular stance will grant you three attacks depending on which of the A, B or K buttons are pressed.

  • A will result in a deadly strike should it hit.
  • B will result in a charged move that is safe on block.
  • K is a low attack, with low damage, but good for chipping HP away, especially at the latter stage of a match.

Critical Edge

The Casa de Leviathan move, if followed up with Critical Edge, will deal devastating damage and corner carry. Therefore, if the attack itself was not damaging enough, it sets up the potential for even more offensive options at the wall.

You can then make use of decent moves at the wall like Dark Flame and Sail Nautilus.

Soul Edge

You can cancel into the SC6 Soul Edge from the same moves that trigger the Dread Storm stance.

Additionally, the Soul Edge will add more movement speed to the Dark Flame move and will add teleportation effects to most moves in order to make them un-punishable.

An example is that of Deep Sea Storm Flare that you can trigger by pressing B successively four times under the Soul Edge.

Reversal Edge

A Reversal Edge can be coupled with either of the A, K or B buttons for three different effects:

  • Following up with K, you will perform a kick and switch places with the opponent, so never fear about getting cornered or being thrown out of the ring again.
  • Following up with A, two potential combos can be unleashed, one with A, A or if on lethal hit, you can press A, B for good damage. Even if blocked, you can press A once to enter the Dread Charge stance.
  • Following up with B, this works best to anti-air opponents and punish them soundly. This vertical strike can be turned into Black Storm Ignition move, just by holding the same B button, though you need to be soul-charged. The damage is well worth it.

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