Soul Calibur 6 Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Soul Calibur 6 is an amazing game, and no doubt possesses mechanics of high caliber (no pun intended). That is exactly why we have collected and compiled this Soul Calibur 6 Beginners Guide to aid you in your journey. Even if you are a returning player from Soul Calibur series, this guide will give you a boost and try to explain what has been changed in this variant of Soul Caliber.

Soul Calibur 6 Beginners Guide

The main mechanics of the game are still the same but some of the things have been added and the game acts have tried to re-enact the events and storyline of the previous games.

There is a LOT of content that we could cover for this guide but we have decided to make it as easy-to-take-in as possible. The game features revamped mechanics on Reversal Edge, Soul Charge, Critical Edge, and more.

Even though this is a Beginners Guide, these Soul Calibur 6 Tips and Tricks will focus on both veterans and newbies to the game. The game has reinvented fun for all of you!

Libra of Souls

The first game mode you should try is the Libra of Souls. Libra of Souls is a new Story game mode focusing on slight RPG elements. You will create your own character, and roam around the world of Soul Calibur, looking for quests and more.

Libra of Souls is the perfect game mode to try if you are a beginner. This game mode will teach you all sorts of things in a very detailed manner.

We would highly suggest that you start with this game mode, even if you are a veteran. You will surely love what the developers have added to this game.

A Lite RPG Mode
Libra of Souls is a full lite RPG. It features weapons that you will be able to equip on your character. The more you play the game, the better the weapons you will receive.

There is also a different variety of weapons and each weapon changes your character’s playstyle. To keep the player seated tightly to their seats, Libra of Soul introduces unique conditions during combat that will force you to change how you play the game.

Learn Every Weapon
We suggest getting a weapon of each type in this game mode and test every one of these weapons out extensively.

The weapons that might seem useless at first may become your favorite weapon later on. Try out all sorts of techniques with your weapons.

Choices Matter
Libra of Souls also features moral choices that may have a psychological effect on the mindset of the NPCs.

The narrative of the game will change depending on your choices, and your alignments will change. Alignments are the scale of the balance of good and evil in this game.

Blue is good, while red is evil. Try the game out, find if you like to be good or evil, and end this amazing game mode.

Scales of Balance also affect your weapons. Most weapons you equip will have a blue or red flame next to their names.

If you are on the good side and equip a blue flames weapon, you will enjoy extra stats, as noted by the description of the weapon on the weapon selection screen.

Soul Chronicle

Soul Chronicle is the classic story mode of the game. This Soul Chronicle game mode allows you to relive the story of each playable character in the game.

Completing even one of these will reward you with around 300 Soul Points, and you can use these Soul Points to buy several things in the game.

You can also exchange Gold for Soul Points. Investing 5,000 Gold will reward you 100 Soul Points, effectively making farming Soul Points a grind.

Still, the more you play Libra of Souls, the more the gold you will get. Convert this gold into Soul Points and you will reap the benefits.

Use Reversal Edges

The newest mechanic introduced in the game is probably the ‘Reversal Edge’.

Basically, if you use a Reversal Edge, you will be sent into a Rock-Paper-Scissor situation where you will have to figure out what your button your opponent is gonna use and if you can figure it out correctly, you will be able to do massive damage to your enemies. The game follows the following pattern:

  • Horizontal Button beats Kick Button
  • Vertical Button beats Horizontal Button
  • Kick Button beats Vertical Button

Figure your opponent out and you will win at this game of both brains and brawns easily.

The only way to learn Reversal Edge properly is, obviously, through practice. You need to follow a certain scheme to launch the Reversal Edge skill that we have listed in our guide

Thankfully, so, the developers have bravely added a training mode for figuring all the mechanics out. Head to the training mode and use your favorite character to trigger this new mechanic.

You can access the training menu by heading to the Battle option on the main menu and clicking ‘Training’.

Follow our extensive guide on Reversal Edges for more info.

Soul Gauge and Soul Charge

Remember Soul Gauge? Yea, it is a part of this game. The staple of all fighting games is the charging up of the skills bar. This game dubs it as ‘Soul Gauge’.

You need to hit your enemy a certain number of times, or be hit by them a certain number of times, to charge this gauge up.

Who Forgot Critical Edge?
Every character has a list of special skills they can use by filling up this gauge. If you fill up your Soul Gauge, you can unleash a special ability for your character called ‘Critical Edge’.

Critical Edge will deal a ton of damage to the enemy character and leave their minds scarred.

Soul Charge is a Thing
By hitting R2 (or RB on your Xbox controller) and the back button, you can unleash your character’s potential called ‘Soul Charge’.

You will enjoy stronger damage, better combos and you will have unparalleled strength. No enemy will be able to block your attacks. Even if they do try to block your attacks, you will still do damage to them, allowing you to damage them even further.

The cost for Soul Charge is one bar on the Soul Gauge.

Soul Charge is Amazing
As soon as you trigger Soul Charge, you will send out a shockwave to your enemies that will be able to stun the enemy if he is nearby. Additionally, you will also gain the ability to temporarily freeze the game timer, until Soul Charge runs out.

Soul Charge or Critical Edge
It is totally up to you whether to use Soul Charge as soon as you hit one gauge or wait until you fill up all the gauges and invest it into a single strike that has a chance of missing.

We recommend honing your normal skills and go for the Soul Charge as it will give you a better fighting chance during the middle of the game. However, Critical Edge can help you get a massive comeback if you are losing.

Always Check out the Museum

Okay, seriously hear me out. I know the word ‘Museum’ is not really a very fancy or alluring word in your mind but Soul Calibur’s museum is fun.

You can view all your unlocked collectibles, as well as buy collectibles like the story bits and concept art through Soul Points.

Additionally, you can check out the Museum and it will totally help you become a better player. The Museum is filled with tutorials and tips that you will be able to repeat. Head to the Combat Lessons option to learn more.

Master each of these tutorials and you will become an unparalleled fighter in the Soul Calibur universe. T&C apply.

That is all for our small Soul Calibur 6 Beginners Guide. We will be sure to add even more material as the days go by. Be sure to check back when you get a chance. Our guide will surely be a good portal for you to get your tips from. Have fun!

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