Soul Calibur 6 Azwel Strategy Guide – Weapon Mode, Weapon Arts, Almighty Mode

So what is up with the over-powered brand new villain character in Soul Calibur 6? You are saying Azwel can use magic and martial arts at the same time? Get out of here. Or don’t, rather stick with us. Let us talk about how you can utilize Soul Calibur 6 Azwel and gameplan to excel at the game.

Soul Calibur 6 Azwel Strategy

Azwel is “The Leader of Humanity” and can magically summon an arsenal of medieval weapons from swords and blades to shields, spears, and axes.

However, his main weapon is the Palindrome that allows him to deal devastating damage thanks to this art of summoning different weapons.

Not only are these weapons good up-close for melee attacks, but they can also be sent out as projectiles so your opponent is always on the heels about spacing and expectation.

The catch, though, is that Azwel will not have any mobility options while he is practicing this art of summoning weapons from a different realm. This is the ideal chance for an opponent to punish Azwel.

However, as the weapon-summoning-mage gets used to forming weapons, he will do it much quicker in the subsequent iterations so the opponent should never give him a moment’s chance to do so.

Weapon Mode

Azwel is much more powerful and agile when he has already summoned a weapon or to be exact, entered a Weapon Mode.

At the start of the round, your attacks will be slower but soon making use of the mystic arts, you can enter a particular weapon mode to get your game going. The three weapon modes you can choose from are:

  • Spear and Shield for a defensive option.
  • Dual Swords for quick attacks and a more aggressive approach.
  • For a balanced approach, you have the Giant Axe so you can break the opponent’s guard if you choose to get in close that will not be that frequent.

For close-ranged attack, use the Dual Swords’ Heretic’s Sweep by performing d + A while for long ranged attack, input Giant Axe’s Truculent World by pressing f + B, B.

Weapon Arts

A special move which resets your character state back into neutral, if not combo-ed from, is known as a Weapon Art. These are highly damaging moves since they can start a combo and they are unique to each of the three Weapon Modes.

With Dual Swords, you can perform Pleroma Ascension by pressing B + K. The Giant Axe can utilize O, Fallen Scholar weapon art that is also triggered by B + K. Using this along with the Eternal Conflict move d/f +B, B crushes the opponent’s guard.

Lastly, the Aufheben Sublimation attack associated with spear and shield combination can be triggered by inputting d/f + B, B which works best to counter the opponent’s attacks.

The Ultimate “Almighty” Mode

This a special mode that allows you to deal devastating damage with quick strikes. You can cancel into this mode from all throws and specific special moves listed below:

  • Pilgrimage of Anthropos: A, A, A
  • Seven Sages’ Aphorism: B, B, B
  • Epistemological Punishment: f + A + B
  • March of Humanity: While “8-way” Running, Press A + B

The mode will also let you perform weapon arts without needing to summon the weapons themselves first.

The commands for the weapon arts also becoming a little simpler with O, Fallen Scholar now being triggered by f + B + K and Eternal Conflict with b + B + K. Pleroma Ascension is triggered the same way as it was before, with B + K only.

Special Stances

With the help of the ‘K’ button, you can input certain directions to enter a special stance that comes with their unique moves and attack modes.

  • Beauty of Balance stance for Dual Swords is triggered by simply by pressing K button. Within this stance, you can perform a rather quick and offensive move “Salvation Doctrine” by inputting A, A, A.
  • Tragedy of War stance for giant axe is triggered by K + f (or d/f or u/f). You gain access to a break attack and a low attack. The former is named “War and Destruction” and triggered by B. The low attack “Fall of the Wise” is performed by inputting f +K. Both these moves crush the opponent’s guard.
  • Comedy of Errors stance for Spear and Shield is triggered by K + b (or d/b or u/b). It allows you to perform a move with some decent push-back to create spacing. You can either choose for this purpose: “Will to Dominate” with B, B or “Executioner’s Grave” with B + f.

Critical Edge and Soul Charge

Like all characters carry this move, you can perform it even faster while equipped with Dual Swords or in Almighty Mode. This remains essential in eliminating the pressure of the opponent by shrugging them away.

Soul Charging lets you enter and remain in the Almighty Mode. Moreover, if there is one bar of soul charge left in the soul gauge, you can perform a special Critical Edge that has increased damage and range.

Reversal Edge

A Reversal Edge can be coupled with either of the A, K or B buttons for three different effects:

  • Following up with A you can unleash a ranged attack that has positive frames on block. You can also follow up with A + directional keys to enter one of the stances mentioned above
  • Following up with B, you can unleash a devastating attack for high damage. Moreover, you can also press B twice right after to enter the Almighty Mode.
  • Following up with K, you will dodge all attacks of the opponent but you can only be punished if you don’t time it correctly.

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