Sort Your Pings, PUBG Will Be Region-Locked to Counter Cheaters

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is finally being region-locked this year to combat the rampant issue of cheating that has been affecting user-experience in the past several months.

Posting on Twitter on the weekend, creative director Brendan Greene reminded everyone that the development team is considering a maximum ping to limit the player-base of each region. However, this severe adjustment to the online infrastructure requires thorough testing before full implementation. It is why PUBG Corp. will be conducting a few tests over the coming months to ensure that the gameplay environment remains smooth and stable. Only when the results are positive is when the game will be region-locked worldwide.

The developer has shared no precise schedule with the community but work can expect to begin soon. Players have been asking for the feature for some time now. They must now only wait a little longer to see their demand fulfilled sometime this year.

What happens after region-locking has gone live?

Only those residing within will be able to play comfortably on the regional servers. Anyone trying to jump regions will naturally be playing on a much higher ping, surpassing the maximum limit, and denied access. However, the same goes for those within a region. If they have unstable internet connections, they may also be unable to enjoy the game.

Why is region-locking necessary?

Majority of the cheating populace hails from China. While BattlEye and other anti-cheat measures have done well to thwart players from gaining unfair advantage in the game, they are still being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Hence, the region-locking feature will automatically restrict the cheaters from plaguing other regions.

Is this a permanent solution?

Yes, but for only the current situation. The region-locked servers do not mean that local players from the same region will not try to cheat. However, their numbers will be fewer compared to what PUBG is facing right now. This will make it easier for the developer to combat the menace.

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