Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Trolls Fans On PlayStation 5 Reveal

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida seems to be trolling fans on the PlayStation 5 reveal. A Twitter user recently asked Yoshida about the whereabouts of the PlayStation 5. He replied with a picture of the upcoming Persona 5: Scramble game. The game’s logo says “P5S”. This implied that the PlayStation 5 will launch on February 20, on the day the game will be released (in a sarcastic way ofcourse).

The former president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studies is playing with people’s emotions. The PlayStation 5 reveal is a hot topic among the gaming community. Fans of the PlayStation consoles are eagerly waiting for any official news regarding the next-gen Sony console.

Rumors and leaks seem to be piling up but we don’t have any official news about the PlayStation 5 reveal. People are on edge and any snippet of unverified news gets their heart pumping. On Reddit, some people didn’t find Yoshida’s trolling to be funny. They got their hopes up and expected the official release date of Sony’s next-gen console. While we do admit that the tease was quite humorous, it left a lot of fans disappointed as well.

With PlayStation coming to PAX East this year, there is the possibility of Sony revealing the PS5 before the event. Various rumors had been circulating which suggested that the PlayStation 5 reveal is close.

A known game designer, David Jaffe said he believes that the PS5 will be revealed in February. The latest leaks suggested that the reveal event for the next-gen console will be in March along with pre-orders.

In the end, all this is mere conjecture and we are anxiously waiting for the official reveal of the PlayStation 5.