Sony’s Q1 Financial Report Hides Sales of PS Vita

The Q1 financial report of Sony reveals that PSP sold better last year than both PSP and Vita combined this year.

Sony has come up with its Q1 financial report and just like THQ, the stats aren’t in positive figures. Sales in the Game quadrant have gone down by 14.5 percent year-on-year, gathering a loss of 3.5 billion yen (£28.69 million), as compared to 2011s 4.1 billion figure.

Considering the combined sales of PS3 and PS2, the company sold 400,000 fewer units as compared to 2.8 million. The software sales for the home platforms also faced a decrease from 27.6 million to 20.1 million.

Sony did not reveal the stats of PSP and Vita individually, which seems twitchy as PSP still sells better than Vita. Even if we analyze the combined stats of both the platforms, this year combined sales are lower (1.4 million) than the last year’s PSP sales alone.

The logical conclusion one can draw from it is that PS Vita is performing way below average, and Sony does not want to reveal the truth which to be honest, is quite understandable from the business point of view.

Sony had 16 million combined sales projected for both Vita and PSP but for the time being, the company has managed to sell only 12 million units. Reason? I will keep myself shut on this one and let you join in the discussion in the comments below.

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