Sony’s PlayStation Underground Returns as Biweekly Show

PlayStation Underground has returned, but in the form of a biweekly show with a weekly broadcast planned in the coming months.

According to Sony, this new broadcast will serve as an extension of the company’s efforts to communicate directly with its player base. The revived PlayStation Underground show will feature game previews and insider details, probably even teasers to upcoming exclusive games, interviews with developers and publishers, and more.

The show’s debut episode focuses on a new build of Harmonix’s upcoming rhythm game Amplitude and is available to watch now on the PlayStation Blog or the PlayStation YouTube channel.

Sony has promised that the show will evolve over time and has expressed interest in hearing feedback from viewers, which can be used to improve the show further.

PlayStation Underground originally used to be Sony’s CD-ROM-based magazine in the late 1990s which focused on the PlayStation brand. The concept then gradually moved on to print PlayStation Magazine and finally disappeared in late 2001.

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