Sony Worldwide Studios President Thinks They Should Be More Successful On Multiplayer

Sony Worldwide Studios did an amazing job this year in introducing ever-lasting single-player games to PlayStation 4 owners like God of War and Detroit: Become Human. While the company is extremely powerful in that aspect, its president Shuhei Yoshida wishes they were more successful on the multiplayer side as well.

Speaking at Develop: Brighton, Yoshida was asked why Sony Worldwide Studios are so well known about their single-player titles and not about any multiplayer ones, which is where the trends are leaning too given the newly adapted games-as-service model.

Sony’s president replied that he thinks they should be more successful on multiplayer, without being ungrateful of the popularity single-player games have provided to the company. He also confirmed that single-player games is Sony Worldwide Studios power, with their first-party studios being most capable in this department.

He went on by saying that Sony Worldwide Studios developers should not just follow success in the market, meaning trends and small bursts of popularity, but they should also follow their hearts. This is a heartfelt suggestion for someone as successful as Shuhei Yoshida.

Sony has a huge roster of PlayStation 4 single-player titles coming in the near future, giving even more credibility to what Yoshida revealed. The Last of Us 2, Spiderman, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima are only a few of the amazing single-player “masterpieces” coming to PlayStation 4. After all, you know which are the best Sony titles up to date?

20. Honestly
19. you
18. can’t
17. rank
16. them
15. because
14. each
13. is
12. amazing
11. and
10. nuanced
9. and
8. delivers
7. fun
6. and
5. challenges
4. in
3. different
2. ways
1. The Last of Us

if you want to know how Sony comes to be so successful with such titles, Shawn Layden talked about the main three steps the studio focuses on in details which are first, best and must. According to him, it’s simple at Sony, the games should be the first ever of their kind, best of their kind (a new genre) or a game they must make.

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