Sony is Working to Fix PSN Sign-In Issues, But Cannot Give an ETA

Yesterday, PlayStation 4 received its biggest update to date but soon after the release, reports started to come online stating that PS4 users have been unable to sign-in to their PSN accounts after the update has been installed.

After the issue got widespread on the web, community manager of Sony, Chris Own stated that they are well aware of the problems and their engineers are investigating the cause behind them.

Now, just a few hours ago, Ask PlayStation tweeted that there is no ETA for when PSN will comeback online, but the work on a fix is still going on.

When Initial reports of PSN issues started to spread, Ask PlayStation did provide a solution where they stated:

Disconnect your router and console from the power source for 3 minutes, reconnect them and try to access again.

Aforementioned fix did not work for a lot of players, but it is worth a try.

As for now, this is all we have to share with you regarding the PSN problem, but we will keep you updated as Sony reveals more.

Are you experiencing the sign-in issues after the PS4 firmware 2.0 update? Let us know!

Contributor at SegmentNext.