Sony Trademarks Xbox-Exclusive Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive, previously exclusive to Xbox consoles, appears to be getting ready to bring its vibrant and chaos-fueled action to PlayStation consoles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment was spotted earlier today (via Nibel) to have registered a trademark for Sunset Overdrive last week.

The third-person action-adventure shooter was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft for Xbox One back in 2014 before being ported to PC in 2018. Insomniac Games owns rights to the intellectual property but Microsoft is believed or at least was believed at the time to own publishing rights.

Sony trademarking Sunset Overdrive comes roughly a couple of years after Insomniac Games was acquired as a first-party PlayStation studio in 2019. While the trademark itself could mean just about anything, fans are already speculating Sony to be laying claim to what was supposed to birth a franchise.

It should also be noted that Sunset Overdrive Director Drew Murray recently rejoined Insomniac Games. There was also a supposed leak recently which claimed a “Sunset Overdrive Refreshed Edition” to be releasing in fall 2021 for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The same leak also claimed something called “Sunset Apocalypse” (a sequel?) to be in development but which will allegedly be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

There is a fair chance that Microsoft only owned publishing rights to the first game, which is why a remastered Sunset Overdrive will land on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, a second installment or even installments beyond that will possibly see Sony release the game only for PlayStation 5.

As for a PC release, Sony has been porting its PlayStation exclusives. Days Gone for example will be releasing on PC soon. Hence, Sony may as well consider bringing Sunset Overdrive 2 to PC in the future.

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