Sony To Cut The Price Of PlayStation VR Headset Permanently

Sony has recently announced that they will be cutting the price of the PlayStation VR Headset from 29th March. This price drop will be permanent.

We last heard the price drop for PlayStation VR Headset in February, when the price dropped to $200 for a limited time. Since then we have not seen a proper drop in price for the headset. Well seems like we are in luck, the retail price of the PlayStation VR Headset is being reduced permanently.

Sony has recently announced that they are going to cut the price of the VR headset permanently starting March 29. So the basic bundle which includes the headset, a PlayStation Camera, and the PlayStation VR worlds demo disc will sell for $300/380 CAD.

In Europe, it would cost around €300 which is a significant drop from €400. That being said, the new prices will go into effect a little late in Australia and New Zealand, on 2 April as by Sony’s plans.

In the US, the Doom VFR Bundle has the same price as of the basic bundle. It is a pretty good deal because with that bundle you also get the PlayStation Move controllers and a copy of Skyrim VR.

That being said, this price drop makes the PlayStation VR Headset the cheapest headset on the market. So now is the perfect time to get your hands on those VR headsets. For those who have been waiting for a long time, and have the games all piled up, to be played using VR headsets, the time has come.

Talking about games, God Eater 3 has finally been announced for PlayStation 4 and PC. The announcement was made by Bandai Namco at an event, held in Japan. There shall be a special event which will allow the attendees to try out the game.

So if you wish to check the game out then, you would need to register on the official website. Also, this doesn’t include any information about the registration process.

That said, what are your thoughts on the permanent price cut of that PlayStation VR Headset? Let us know in the comments below.