Sony to Cut Playstation 5 Price To Attract More Fans

Sony wants as many players to get their next console and they are is not afraid to go the extra mile to achieve that. According to the latest news, the company intends to lower the starting Playstation 5 price in order to widen its market and attract more fans.

Over the past months, Playstation fans have made their assumptions about the price of Playstation 5, expecting it to ship with a tag of $450 to $500. Sony knows that this price is sometimes non-negotiable for some players. This is the time though, for the company to step up. Pushsquare has reported that during an investors call, one of the company’s bosses claimed that they are focusing on market penetration and market acceptability with its next-gen hardware”.

Playstation 5 will most probably be Sony’s last console and it will be able to run PS4 games. That eliminates the gap between both the current PS owners and those who didn’t have the chance to buy one yet. There’s a big bunch of players that don’t want to jump into consoles and neglect their PCs since they don’t offer a similar experience. With Playstation 5, the graphical and technical performance will be pushed to a level where a classic gaming PC is equal to it. If Sony lowers the Playstation 5 price, PC fans will be more inclined to buy it and switch their focus, especially given the vast amount of exclusives that are available to play and will be playable on PS5.

It all falls down to statistics though. Harcore Playstation fans would pay the full price of a new console without even considering the sum. Xbox, Nintendo and PC fans though, won’t bother to jump right into the hype on launch day if the price for a Playstation 5 is above $500. However, given what we know about the console and what it’s capable of, we doubt the price would go anywhere under $400. As far as we’re concerned, that would be an amazing price.

Playstation 5 will launch late next year if what Sony says is true. For the time being, we should enjoy its amazing new exclusive titles, leading up to a huge upgrade when the console releases.

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