Sony to Cease Selling Playstation TV in Japan Soon

Sony has announced that the company is going to stop selling Playstation TV in Japan soon.

While there is absolutely no confirmation whether the decision will extend to other regions as well, Sony has confirmed that it will not supply any more of Playstation TV units in Japan and users can only purchase available units for as long as they last!

Since the device’s original launch back in November 2014, it has sold almost 185,000 units; according to Media Create which stopped keeping track of sales data starting this year.

Last we heard from Media Create regarding Playstation TV was back in the last week of 2015 and by then a total of 185,452 units had been sold.

Playstation TV basically lets users play Playstation Vita and Playstation Portable titles on a TV screen using DualShock 3 controller. Aside from this, the device also supports Remote Play feature as well as Playstation Now services – subject to availability.

The device was also made available in Europe back in November 2014 and a month later in the United States. As mentioned earlier, there is currently no confirmation whether the cancellation will extend to Western markets or not!

Originally launched at 99 Euros, a PS TV device, these days, can easily be acquired for 59.99 Euros.

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