Sony Being Sued for an Apparent PS5 Crash Defect

Christina Trejo, a US Citizen has filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Sony Corporation in United States. The plaintiff claims that the PS5 has a major defect which leads to crashing of the console during video game sessions. The complaint also mentions PS5 turning on and off on its own.

It’s true that there have been some reports about PS5 crashing by some users since the release but these issues were considered as isolated ones. However, the plaintiff believes that this crashing is due to a defect in Sony’s PlayStation 5 which the company should have fixed.

Since the release of PlayStation 5, Sony Interactive Entertainment has sold more than 20M units of PS5. The console was hailed as the biggest launch in PlayStation history and it’s showing no signs of slowing down despite the supply constraints.

Now one has to wonder that if PlayStation 5 indeed had an innate flaw leading to crashing of console and games, it would have been more public by now, right? It could have been like the notorious Red Ring of Death on Xbox 360 and reviewers and critics would have highlighted it more.

The plaintiff has cited some Amazon reviews and some other online sources as evidence of such defect in PlayStation 5. Interestingly, a different plaintiff is suing Amazon as well for selling defective PlayStation 5 consoles. So it could be that Amazon received some faulty consoles and they got delivered to users who eventually posted those reviews on retailer’s website.

Companies being sued by consumers on different issues isn’t a new thing. However, a very small percentage of these lawsuits actually have some meaningful results. Let’s see how if Christina Trejo’s claim has any weight in the eyes of law or not.