Sony Spent Twice As Much As Microsoft for Playstation TV Advertisement

Sony has a heavy presence when it comes to TV advertisement as compared to Microsoft.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is not playing around when it comes to advertising. According to a TV ad measurement and attribution platform report, Sony has spent $26.2 million on TV advertisements for the PlayStation. The numbers come to 52.7% of the total video game ad share. Microsoft comes second, with Xbox Ad share coming at 21.4%.

In the era of modern entertainment, it comes as a surprise that companies like Sony and Microsoft spend millions upon millions for TV advertisements. However, it’s not only those numbers that should be bulk, Sony appears to be loading platforms like Youtube and Twitch with Playstation 5 ads. This clearly brings the numbers further high up.

The report comes from and their partnership with Gamesbeat. According to it, the TV ad spent went up by 76.65% during November. This all thanks to Xbox Series and Playstation 5 launch days in November. In numbers, that share is $49.7 million.

The report continues by stating that Sony owns more than half of the November TV advertisement share, with a whopping $26.2 million spread across 12 commercials airing more than 1.400 times, according to the source. More specifically, Sony’s top ad is “Launch: Play Has No Limits.” which mostly run during NFL games, college football and SportsCenter says Venturebeat.

Here are the ad spent shares in the video game industry according to the report:

  • Playstation (52.7%) – $26.2 million
  • Xbox (21.4%) – $10.6 million
  • Nintendo (14%) – $7 million
  • Activision (5.8%) – $2.9 million
  • EA Sports (1.3%) – $1.3 million
  • Other

As it seems, the advertising spend did its work since Playstation 5 is currently in shortage. Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that the console’s launch was their biggest ever and that a new wave of shipments will go out soon to coincide with the start of the winter holidays. Rest assured, the Playstation TV advertisements will continue to roll through December too since the winter holidays is possibly the best period for video game companies to make their revenue rise up.


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