Sony Sells 14.8 Million PlayStation 4 Units During Fiscal Year 2014, Portable Sales Stand At 3.3 Million

Sony may not be doing too well overall, but its PlayStation 4 and the gaming division is looking good. We know how dominant the PlayStation 4 has been since in was released back in 2013, and we can imagine the struggle Sony would have had to face if PS4 was a failure.

PlayStation 4’s success was once again shown in Sony’s financials for fiscal year 2014. According to figures shared by the company, PlayStation 4 sold 14.8 million units in the period.

Sadly, the overall lose the company faced stands at 126 billion yen, but the Games and Network Services division brought-in 48.1 billion yen for Sony.

According to Sony:

Sales increased 33.0% year-on-year (a 25% increase on a constant currency basis) to 1,388.0 billion yen (11,567 million U.S. dollars). This significant increase was primarily due to an increase in PS4 hardware unit sales, a significant increase in network services revenue, the impact of foreign exchange rates and an increase in PS4 software sales, partially offset by a decrease in PlayStation®3 (“PS3”) hardware and PS3 software sales.

Operating income of 48.1 billion yen (401 million U.S. dollars) was recorded, compared to an operating loss of 18.8 billion yen in the previous fiscal year.

On the other hand, Portable consoles managed to sell 3.3 million units in the fiscal year 2014. 3.3 million is a decrease from 4.1 million sales during fiscal year 2013.

Software sales stand at 460 million while during fiscal year 2013, software sales stood at 384 million.Sony’s smartphone division remains a problem and struggles to make a mark on the company’s financials.

You can head over to Sony for more details.


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