Sony Santa Monica Studio Reaches Out To Visceral Games Employees

After the unfortunate EA announcement about the closure of the Visceral Games studio, a lot of discussions have been made as to what will happen to all those employees that will have to be let down. Even though most of them will be repositioned there will be a considerable number of people actually losing their jobs. Sony Santa Monica Studio reached out those people through their Twitter account to let them know they can be part of their developer team if they choose to join another studio.

Yesterday Patrick Söderlund ensured that most of the Visceral Games employees will be shifted to other EA projects, while the rest will have to be let go. Sony Santa Monica Studio is currently searching for people on almost every development field, from game design to AI gameplay programming and from environment artists to helpdesk support. As the studio stated on Twitter, they are “hiring great talent”.

Visceral Games was known as EA Redwood Shores from 1998 to May 2009 since it was located at Redwood Shores, California at the same site as the EA’s corporate headquarters. In 2013 EA bought the rights for developing Star Wars games from Disney giving Visceral Games the task of developing a new Star Wars action-adventure title which is now revamped and passed on to another EA studio under the lead of Electronics Art Vancouver studio.

The studio is famous for their major titles Dead Space and Battlefield: Hardline, it is the “father” of many other older video games as well.

As for Sony Santa Monica Studio, they are currently working on the next God Of War video game releasing next year and are the developers of the whole franchise and also the publisher of many awesome Playstation titles like The Order: 1886, Journey and Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture.

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