Sony Santa Monica Producer Joins The Initiative As Senior Producer

Sony Santa Monica producer Rhonda Cox has moved to The Initiative to help the studio develop the remake of Perfect Dark.

Rhonda Cox, producer 3 for Sony Santa Monica, has apparently left the studio to work for The Initiative, the studio behind the upcoming Perfect Dark remake. Cox made the announcement on Facebook and is very excited to be working on a franchise that holds a special place in her life.

The remake of Perfect Dark was often rumored and hinted at for years, but was first announced at 2020’s Game Awards with a CGI trailer that gave the general premise. While we haven’t seen any gameplay or other footage from the game since then, hopefully remaking such a beloved game will turn out amazingly well.

Perfect Dark thrusts players into a high-tech spy thriller as Joanna Dark, an agent of the Carrington Institute that must infiltrate the megacorporation dataDyne in order to prevent them from making use of alien technology to become the most powerful corporation on Earth.

The game was notable not just for its graphics and AI at the time (especially given that it was on the Nintendo 64), but also for the wide variety of weapons that were available to players. Further games only increased the number and included more outlandish weapons.

The Initiative has said that it will be making use of the next-gen power of the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 to its full extent, the better to continue with Perfect Dark’s reputation for amazing graphics. Rhonda Cox isn’t the only person The Initiative has taken from other studios either.

Back in May of 2020, the studio hired Justin Perez, formerly of BioWare and Respawn Entertainment, to help with the game. While Perfect Dark hadn’t been confirmed yet, it was still a good choice since Perez had previously worked on games that were large both scale-wise and tech-wise.

Hopefully we’ll be getting more information from The Initiative about the Perfect Dark remake at some point in the near future, or see it at an event this summer. In the meantime, hopefully Rhonda Cox will enjoy a great deal of success at the studio. The game has yet to have a release date or any definite platforms.

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