Sony Santa Monica And Guerrilla Games Congratulate Insomniac For Marvel’s Spider-Man

Who would have thought that in 2018 a superhero game would manage to make fans and critics go crazy? Marvel’s Spider-Man has been praised for its gameplay, story, and graphics from the whole gaming community and has gotten the cutest congratulations from brother studios Sony Santa Monica and Guerrilla Games.

We all remember how Cory Barlog became emotional about the review ratings of God of War back in April. Marvel’s Spider-Man has managed to top another masterpiece for Sony and Barlog and Sony Santa Monica acknowledged it by congratulating Insomniac Games for their new title with a sweet caricature of Spider-Man with Kratos and Atreus on Twitter. The image is even accompanied by a dialogue, featuring Kratos saying our favorite word, BOY.

The image was created by lead character concept artist Dela Longfish as the studio revealed later.

After that, Guerrilla Games joined the celebrations with another amazing piece of art. This one features Spider-Man, Kratos with Atreus and Aloy going for a hunt. That kind of affection of one studio to another shows that competition isn’t a thing when talking about games that shake things up and push the industry to the next level.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has surprised everyone, even in the wake of suspicions that it might have been downgraded since its announcement last year. Next step in its journey is keeping up with its sales, seeing how it held up against God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, two of the fastest selling video games on PlayStation 4.

For Sony and PlayStation, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding are the next exclusives in line and with titles like God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Detroit: Become Human hitting the market harder than a hammer, we can’t wait to see if their success will be as huge.

Have you played Marvel’s Spider-Man yet? Is it worth the hype surrounding its name?

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