Sony Ruins Christmas For Family Who Just Wanted to Play Fortnite Together

A PSN user lost access to his primary account recently when a hacker used his credentials to take over. There should be a simple solution to this problem but with Sony and PSN, nothing is simple.

User hipnerd had lost access to his account when a hacker transferred his account to a different PS4. He made Sony aware of the situation but instead of fixing his problem, Sony accused him of being involved in “fraudulent activities.”

When the user lost access to the account he contacted Sony and after answering many questions he was directed to a webpage where he would be able to set his PS4 as the primary console and allow his kids to play Fortnite with friends via secondary accounts.

The user was directed to a webpage where he would be able to change that setting online. However, he was unable to change it. The reason being an earlier account transfer request made by the hacker.

You can not transfer your account twice within 6-months.

The user explained the situation to a Sony rep who then transferred him to “secret webpage” that will allow him to transfer the account. But once again he was unable to.

I called back. Sony’s tone had changed dramatically. It was clear from their responses that they now considered me to be have somehow been in on whatever nefarious game-sharing scheme the guy with my password had engaged it. I was pressed extremely hard. Did I have multiple PS4s? “No. One PS4, two PS3s and a PSP that hasn’t been turned on in a few years.” I want you to be completely honest with me. Have you ever shared your username and password with anyone or shared games with anyone?” “No.”

My answer of “no” seemed to irritate them.

Sony’s new position became that since I had already used the web form to change my primary PS4 (I hadn’t), they could not fix things until the entire arbitrary six month period had passed (I know they could. They had me fill out the form asking for them to do just that on my first call.)

So the Sony solution is to allow the hacker to keep his PS4 as the primary PS4 on my account — for security purposes.

Sony handed over his PSN account to the hacker for security reasons.

The family wanted to enjoy Christmas together playing Fortnite but it won’t be possible. The user considered getting another PS4 instead of fighting over the second PS4 they have but according to him, it won’t solve the problem as his kids still won’t be able to play online due to all sub-accounts being lost with the primary account.

Sony’s position on this makes little sense at this point. One would think Sony will learn from such situations but it doesn’t. Not too long ago Sony actually banned a PSN user over an Xbox 360 meme.

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