Sony Reveals May Playstation Plus Games, Beyond Two Souls and Rayman

Rayman Legends and Beyond Two Souls are the two May Playstation Plus games, according to the official Playstation blog. While there are other games that will also be available, the two games mentioned above are the biggest and best-known titles. Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Playstation Vita games will all be included.

The other May Playstation Plus games aside from Beyond Two Souls and Rayman Legends include Risen 3: Titan Lords, Eat Them!, King Oddball, and Furmins, so you can see why most people only pay attention to the first two games.

Beyond Two Souls is the most recent Quantic Dream game, starring Ellen Page as Jodie, a girl who is connected to a ghost named Aiden that she’s known her entire life. Told in a rather jumbled and confusing manner, the game is nevertheless visually impressive and allows for a fun co-op time with a friend who can play as Aiden.

Rayman Legends, however, is Rare’s critically acclaimed return to the Rayman franchise after years and years of letting the Rabbids hog the spotlight. You and a number of friends can take control of Rayman and other characters as you jump and run your way through level after level in world after world of obstacles, with a number of musical levels put in for kicks.

If neither of those tickle your fancy, you can try one of the other games, whether it’s action RPG Risen 3, Rampage’s spiritual successor Eat Them!, physics-based puzzle game King Oddball, or another physics-based puzzle game in the form of Furmins.

All of the May Playstation Plus games do cover a wide range of different genres and gameplay styles, so if you’re in the mood for any one of these kinds of games you can start downloading these new Playstation Plus games when May starts, and at varying times throughout the month.