Sony Announces Returnal Delay, Game Will Release In April

One of the new Playstation 5 exclusives that was supposed to be releasing this year has apparently already run into trouble. Returnal, a roguelike shooter from Housemarque, was announced to be delayed by Sony on Twitter. The Returnal delay won’t be too long, however. You’ll be able to play it in April.

Returnal’s main gimmick is that your player character, Selene, is a space explorer who has become caught in a time loop. Players must make their way across the planet she crashed on while uncovering the mystery and discovering how to escape, all while the world changes with each loop.

The game will be a departure from Housemarque’s usual fare, as the studio has previously only made 2D shooter games like Resogun and Nex Machina. Returnal is not only a roguelike, but also three-dimensional, but hopefully the game will still be a hit regardless.

It’s likely this factor that’s caused the Returnal delay. Sony’s explanation for the delay is that the game needs a bit more time in the oven, and thankfully the delay isn’t too long. Another reason for the delay may be the control scheme itself.

Returnal is one of the first Playstation 5 games to not only be exclusive to the Playstation 5, but also that will be taking full advantage of the DualSense controller and its haptic triggers for the game’s variety of weapons. The game will also be more fast-paced due to the Playstation 5’s reduced load times.

With the large amount of pressure on Returnal to be good as one of the first Playstation 5 exclusives, hopefully the short Returnal delay that will have the game coming out in April will be entirely worth it, and the console can start off its generation with a bang.

Returnal will be, again, releasing exclusively on the Playstation 5 on April 30.